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Chinese to English Other Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
语音教室 Language Lab
卫生洁具 sanitaryware
1/3倍频带音 The sound of a one-third octave band
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
2幢 building
4竵E00立方发酵罐 4 100-m3 fermentors
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压导板 Rail clip/clamp
Entered by: Katherine Xuan
做一天和尚撞一天钟 Chinese colloquial meaning counting the days e.g counting the days before the big lay off.
博古论今,旁征博引 Knowledgeable about history and current events; holds fact-based discussions
博客 blogger
半打腰 (in) the half/mid/midway of xxx
卡车电机转、定子低、高压成型线圈 low and high voltage formed coils of the truck's rotor & stator
paper core
升级与留级 promotion/progression and repetition
单口 single stream
单体活性成份 active monomer component
反弹性盖 flexible lid/cover
反觀 in comparison to / on the other hand / in contrary to
古人之风 politely; modestly
可用 functional
可赚足了大家的眼球 steal the spotlight/limelight
双咽鼓管咽口闭锁 Atresia of pharyngeal opening of both eustachiuan tubes
取角 view; perspective; angle
受邀 invited
发布知识趣闻 publish/carry interesting stories of/about knowledge
发信站 message board
发糕鞋 platform shoes
发热量 Calorific Value
发恍 out in space, absent-minded, day dreaming, or lost in thought
启航未来 positioning for the future
吼吼 ho ho/lol(laugy out loud)
合作对象 partner
向正面按下 placing (the flat end) towards the front
均霑 share the...equally
堵头 ink clog
Entered by: Denyce Seow
塑箱啤酒 (bottled) beer packaged in (standardized) plastic crates
复位键 (computer) reset button
复核 counter check; recheck.
大咖签售会 Influencers' book signing session
大金瓦寺 Great Temple of Golden Tile
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