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Chinese to English Philosophy Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
卦象 (六層) hexagram
大将车白虎之门 Direction to which the general subdues the white tiger
Entered by: Alice L Yang
威权 vs. 权威 Authoritarian Practices versus Authoritative Practices
宇宙生化场 universal biochemical field
九 (易卦象中之不斷線) a nine
Qian hexagram
Entered by: Shirley Lao
人谁不欲生?枉之生也,幸而免;自古皆有死,死得其所,道之善。 人谁不想生存呢?人不仁,就没有生存的道理。自古人皆有一死,死得有意义,有价值,就是道之善了。
Entered by: albertdeng
异释逻辑 Deviant Logic
你适合在哪里,就应该站在哪里 You, on the spot belong to you.
土鬼可语 Ghost of the soil can talk
八卦方位圖 direction/orientation chart of the 8-trigrams
兴于诗,立于礼,成于乐。 The Master said, "It is by the Odes that the mind is aroused. "It is by the Rules of Propriety that the character is established
Entered by: albertdeng
具有对外摄化的作用 to subject others under one's mercy and to civilize them by educating them
借劲运气,顺气使劲 Move Qi with the help of power and apply power with the help of Qi
知识道德化 moralizaton of concepts
真空构成的如歌世界 a song-oriented world composed of vacuum
画门可开 the door on a painting can be opened
青蛟白虎 blue dragon and white tiger
金楼绛宫 A golden chamber and a crimson palace
逢敌能辨行家手,何愁胜利不此时。 One can identify professional skills when confronting a true apponent, why bothering victory of ...
杯中调钓鱼 Fishing in a plate
有意见找我们领导去提 If you have a problem, bring it up with the boss

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