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Chinese to English Telecom(munications) Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
4万亿美元 4 trillion dolloars
千万级端口 terminal port of tens of millions subscribers level
双音多频 DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequency
Entered by: Inga Jakobi
各省份(除廣東)核驗單填寫參攷圖 Guide for filing website authenticity report (for all provinces except Guangdong)
Entered by: David Lin
外挂模块 plug-in module(s)
处于通话状态 is engaged
宽频电话盒 Broadband phone box
宅內外移機 interior and exterior relocation (of telephone)
Entered by: Fan Gao
小灵通 Xiao Ling Tong(PHS: Personal Handy-phone System)
Entered by: stonejohn
小猫 modem
小戳章 small picture icon, clip art image, emotion icon
Entered by: Giovanni Valenti
工程师故障定位准确率 accuracy (rate) of fault location by (the) engineers
差转站 relay station
Entered by: Denyce Seow
差放站 relay station
上期结转零头费 previous balance (of odd fees)
Entered by: albertdeng
带肩比 shoulder level
市话通 CDMA Wireless Cityphone
Entered by: albertdeng
专利电话面板复用键盘 Patented phone multiplex keypad
万相素 mega pixels
一键加速 one-button/key acceleration
Entered by: Bo Wang
书签 bookmark
Entered by: Inga Jakobi
产品型号 model
Entered by: Tsogt Gombosuren
廣東省組織核驗單填寫參攷圖 Guide for filing website authenticity report for organizations in Guangdong Province
Entered by: David Lin
佯动网 decoy network
Entered by: Hamish Young
地弹 ground bounce
场管 field effect transistor (FET) 场效应管
场测区域覆盖了全球95%的国家和地区 Field test area covers 95% of the countries and regions of the world
分歧使用 Split, Line Split, Split Use
呼叫对端 opposite terminal/end of call
Entered by: Adsion
備案資訊填報真實性和規範性的有關要求 Requirements for authentic and standardized information when filing for registration
Entered by: David Lin
•Ӎ̨ It is an automatic or manual message service ranging anyway from job search to sexphones.
Entered by: albertdeng
全國各省經營性備案網站査詢連結 The National Business Websites Registration Records Info Search
Entered by: David Lin
全省工程部署紧急扩容 Emergency expansion was carried out on the provincial telecom deployment
典型干扰图谱 typical interferogram
勤务话 Service call
Entered by: Adsion
确保网络先行于业务 ensure that network buildup go ahead of business need
编铃 compose ringtone
缓存 cache
Entered by: Inga Jakobi
网端局 Subscriber Station
群路接口 aggregate/group line interface
Entered by: Adsion
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