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Chinese to English Transport / Transportation / Shipping Translation Glossary

Chinese term English translation
加强各地办公室与MIP的进一步协作沟通,以提高签单速度,同时有效避免运费系统更新滞后于提单签发所引发的运费回收风险 ...whilst effectively reducing the risk that freight charge recovery is delayed due to systems not being updated following issue
Entered by: Gary Key
劳改产品 Prison-made products
单边 single direction road
吨度 (metric) ton unit
吨级 Tonnage
备库存 reserve inventory
客戶理貨單之簽收聯 customer’s acknowledgement of receipt of the tally sheet
不应该出现最大起降标高等的错误 Errors in the maximum height for take-off and landing shouldn't occur.
Entered by: Fan Gao
两地拖 door-to-door land transportation
世界级问题 problem of top challenge
Entered by: Fang Sheng
三乘联检 combined inspection by the three heads of the train crew
一個臺灣住址的翻譯 No. xx GuoFeng 3rd St., Taoyuan City, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
广东省潮州市枫溪正湖夏工业区 Huxia Industrial Estate, Feng Xi Town, Chao Zhou, Guang Dong Province.
废弃 Disposal
二八车 28" bicycle/28-inch bicycle
开行动车 Prior to the starting of the train line
Entered by: David Lin
作批 Batch
微机连锁行车设备 microprocessor-based integrated control/signaling system
分流岗 redirect traffic
Entered by: Denyce Seow
周转量 turnover
出号 issue B/L no.
Entered by: Denyce Seow
出库和入库 Outbound and inbound [Logistics]
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
入库检验 warehouse-in inspection
粗蒽 Crude anthracene
疯狂收货 Goods collection spree / taking deliveries (of goods) wantonly
甩箱 delay / shipment delay
Entered by: Denyce Seow
直装直取 direct delivery
Entered by: Vivian Du (PhD)
直来曲往间 with their extensive coverage
监管人入库管理 Manager (supervisor) overseeing the warehouse operations
设计 designed
货物最大入仓库或堆场百分比 the highest percentage of goods storehoused or ground-stacked
點收 quantity check and receipt
车底 trainset
车底进线穿隔地板 open grid flooring that facilitate feedthrough of cables from the bottom of the boxcars
车场 yard
车船衔接费 vehicle and boat transfer fee
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
车队 crew
Entered by: Denyce Seow
车队书记 train crew secretary
Entered by: Denyce Seow
转采购 Indirect Procurement
连成了环 a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam
Entered by: Denyce Seow
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