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Danish to English Medical: Pharmaceuticals Translation Glossary

Danish term English translation
1. reservelæge vs. reservelæge registrar versus house officer (UK)
Entered by: David Rumsey
200 mg engang to (should be en gang) one twice daily
Entered by: Christine Andersen
8-tal infinity sign; infinity symbol
akut paronykie acute paronychia
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
alderonsystemet the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system
anden grads AV blok second degree AV block
østron estrone
Bottelpack flaskepakke
breddeøgning af QRS-komplekset...QT og PQ-intervallet widening of the QRS complex, ...QT and PQ intervals
D. sp. nr. Danish Speciality Number
D.a.D.L. Danish Medical Association
Entered by: David Rumsey
D.Sp.Nr. [Dansk specialitetsnummer] Danish Product Licence No.
Entered by: Helen Johnson
delekærv scored
depotindsprøjtning af gestagen injection of slow-release gestagen
Entered by: Alice Wolfe, DDS
EKG-forandring ... T-takken, R-takken changes in ECG ... (the) T wave, (the) R wave
EP-enheder European Pharmacopoeia Units
Entered by: Pernille Kienle
exciterende stimulating
Entered by: Diarmuid Kennan
fǿlelsesforfladigelse pain insensitivity
flydeegenskaber flow characteristics
forlængelseforsøg extension study
Entered by: David Rumsey
g mistet hydrogen g misted hydrogen
HA OTC's only allowed to be sold from pharmacies
Hætteglas vial
Hætteglas: vials
Hjælpestoffer excipients
hovedtop primary/main peak
ilttilskud supplemental oxygen
Entered by: Michele Fauble
indkøring introduction; run-in
Entered by: David Rumsey
Infusionshastigheden infusion rate
Infusionshastigheden ... mmol pr. kg pr. time The infusion rate ... mmol/kg/hour
inhvsk t. nebul inhalation solution for nebulization
kabine booth
Entered by: David Rumsey
KAD IUC [indwelling urinary catheter]
Entered by: stephen mewes
kartonus vascular contractions
kontraprøvkontroll verification test
KU abbreviation kun udvortes
liggende 8-tal Infinity -
lungeǿdem pulmonary edema
Entered by: Alice Wolfe, DDS
mark (isolater) field (isolates)
Midt i processen - URGENT in the middle of the process
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