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Dutch to English Management Translation Glossary

Dutch term English translation
afdeling interne zaken corporate affairs
Entered by: Andre de Vries
afkaderen break down into smaller units/tasks
Entered by: philgoddard
afkoopregeling severance package
afwijkende signalen (listen for) disagreement
Entered by: Lianne van de Ven
arbeidsduurverkorting reduction of working hours
beleidsorganisatie policy-making organization
Belet Inability to act
Entered by: Johan Venter
Besturingsopgave management task/management strategy
bestuurlijke inbedding interorganisational positioning
Borgingsplan assurance plan
Entered by: Edward Vreeburg
cijferopstellingen financial statements
collegiaal beslissende directie The Board reaches decisions jointly/collectively
Entered by: MoiraB
De inrichting en besturing van bedrijfsprocessen. The design and management of operational/business processes
declarabiliteit billable hours
Entered by: Mirjam Bonne-Nollen
Due dilligence onderzoeken due diligence enquiry
executiekracht effectiveness
Fictieve arbeidsovereenkomst implied contract, contract implied in law, quasi contract
gecommit (... comitteren; commitment) committed (...commit; commitment)
Entered by: Jack den Haan
gesprekscyclus (performance management) review cycle
Entered by: Kitty Brussaard
HEAO-CE after obtaining a BA (Bachelor's degree) in (Commercial) Economics / (Business Administration)
Hoofdeannummer main EAN number
Entered by: Ashok Bagri
in beheername control
innovatiekern innovation hub
instellingsbesluit implementation resolution / decision
KAM manager QHSE manager
Kanaalontwikkeling Distribution channel development
Entered by: Charline Helsmoortel
maatschappelijke organisaties civil-society organisations
mantelcontract master contract
Mensen worden in hun waarde gelaten. People are accepted as they are; People are accepted as individuals; People's dignity as individuals is respected.
Entered by: TechLawDC
Naar het schijnt valt meteen de naam... John's name seems to pop up first in all departments each time/whenever...
Entered by: Evert DELOOF-SYS
Onderzoeksadministratie research administration / research management
Entered by: Alexander Schleber
op de troepen vooruit lopen being ahead of the troops
Periodiek aftredend retirement by rotation
procesgestuurd management process-driven management
procesvoortgang process continuity
productiebeslissing go no-go Go-no-go production decisions
sturen op X (e.g., sturen op kwaliteit) management by/for X (e.g. management by quality; managing for quality)
sturing óp de vraag demand-based control
Entered by: Jack den Haan
sturing ván de vraag demand control
Entered by: Jack den Haan
topklinisch / topreferent specialised clinical and referral care/services
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