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English to Chinese Electronics / Elect Eng Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
backflash 反闪
Carel proprietary protocol Corel专用协议
thermoelectrically 热电原理
商用密码 Commercial code seated properly ...被正确(恰当)安装
1 output for AM/FM and 3 outputs for Digital TV 该设备提供1个调频/调幅输出端口,3个数字电视输出端口
Entered by: albertdeng
1U/ Form Factor 1 unit 外形
Entered by: Duobing Chen
2.5 mm twin and earth 2.5毫米双股/地线(电缆)
50mm in 35mm equivalency 相当于 35mm 相机的 50mm
60 seconds counter 60秒计时器
a full multiplier 全乘法器
a snap 轻而易举的事
About Switch! 低压开关是用于控制一个电路中任何元件的开关,电路负载的接通和断开将不会招致在触点之间电弧的形成。
accessible 不可用
across 两端
Active Low Reset 低态有效复位
Actuator 执行机构(执行器)
Entered by: stonejohn
aerial manager (空中)架/布线主管/经理
Entered by: Adsion
air jects 空气除尘器,除尘器, 除尘枪,吹尘枪,吹尘器
ampli-tuner/amplifier-tuner 调谐放大器
Entered by: Adsion
and high cylinder-to-cylinder consistency 各个柱体之间的一致性很高
antenna pliarisation 天线极化
Entered by: Jianhong Jane Wang
Apply a current to the outlet (or device) through a differential residual current device (DDR) whose release current does not... 通过一个释放电流不超过30毫安的差分剩余电流设备(DDR)向插座(或设备)施加电流。
Entered by: Jun Zhang
Asynchronous Motors for frequency converters 变频器专用异步电机
Entered by: stonejohn
Auto resin supply System 自动树脂供应系统
Entered by: J.H. Wang
automatically cancelled alarms are singalled with 自动取消的警报以...显示
backhead 后端板
Entered by: J.H. Wang
balancing transformer 平衡变压器
Ball 球芯
be protected from overload by (with the use of) 变频器的控制功能对通风机发动机过载起保护作用。
Bioenzyme filter 活性生物酶过滤器
bleeder resistor 泄放电阻, 泄漏电阻器,分泄电阻器;旁漏电阻;泄流电阻 / 洩放器電阻
Entered by: Adsion
block screw connectors 块螺旋连接器
board configuration 板卡配置
Brushed Stainless Steel 钝光面不锈钢
bulk resistor 陶瓷电阻
buss fuse 母线/总线保险丝
buzz 关注度(街知巷闻)
by ecap Electronic Circuit Analysis Program 电路分析程序
by setting up xxx parameter it is possible to determine the yyy allowed number 在...上设置...参数可限定...的容许次数
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