The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English to Chinese Engineering (general) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
be deemed exclusive of 被视为排除在。。。以外
Entered by: Guei Lin
cover letter 介绍信
Seeworld 视锐
Entered by: albertdeng
"Smart" Partial Stroke Device (PSD) Agree
(door) trip-test 实用测试、实地测试
A recent plateau in safety performance 近期安全事故居高不下
Abies spp. 冷杉
AC/HR 每小时换气次数
alignment workshop 协调会
an ad-hoc network 自组织网络,特定网络,对等网络
annubar 阿牛巴流量计
AS IS 照现在的样子(指不再作修理或改进)
as of (a certain size) 到了
B.Eng (1st hons), PhD 工程學士(一級榮譽),博士
Bead 胎唇部/轮胎卷边
bend back tab after installing 安装好后将调整片折回去
Big Bang Official launch 正式登市
biscuit screed 砂浆胚层
Blister 鼓包(指轮胎)、气泡(指喷漆)
breaking into 分解检修
Bulge 突出、凸出、鼓出
carbonaceous refractory 含碳耐火材料
Entered by: Zhoudan
Casing 胎体、胎身
Cinnamomum.camphora 樟树
Collated nail 纸排钉
comparable 不相上下
completed installation 完成的安装
contextually 与具体环境相符合的
cull 筛选/甄别
Cupping 槽形磨损
curated 策展
decanter basket 滗析框(蓝);倾析框(蓝)
Digital surfacing and coating technologies 数字化表面成型和镀膜技术
Entered by: albertdeng
Disengagement of gases 气体释放
Entered by: albertdeng
Entered by: albertdeng
Duck Walk 以鸭步方式爬行
dummy wafers 假片
Energetic engineering 能源工程
Entered by: Siwei Wang
Equalization current 平衡电流
expansion matched 缩膨相匹配的材料
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