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English to Chinese Government / Politics Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
I just felt terrible about that. 我深感内疚
they paid 由他们付出代价
you don't even have to talk anymore half the time 日常生活中面对配偶时往往根本不须再依靠说话交流了
"of the place" 司法管轄地
"substantive understanding" 实质性内容的理解
a pack rat 就爱收藏东西
a theory of the case 对大局有个谱
acceptability 接受程度
Entered by: Frank Zou
Assassination of President Diem, 1963 1963年吴廷延总统遭暗杀
内政部警政署入出境管理局 Immigration Office National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior
Entered by: albertdeng
Brotherhood of Arms 袍泽之谊/同袍之情
Entered by: LIZ LI
bunker traders 船舶燃料供应商
Busing/bussing 用校车接送
Chamber 下议院
civic pride 愛我公民 or 公民自豪感
Community Leadership Academy and Emergency Response (CLAER) 社区领导学院和紧急事件应对组织
control the playing field 掌控局面
D-IA D民主党和R共和党
Dott.ssa 女博士
during the government shutdown 政府部门准备下台期间
Education Sector Strategy Update 教育产业策略更新
Entered by: Rock Niu
enrolled in the party holding the primary 參加黨內初選的登記選民
Entered by: Guei Lin
ethical living skills 为人处事的技巧
Expanded Learning
fostering an ongoing commitment to the United Nations 促进…持续履行对联合国的承诺
generally 通常
glass ceiling 玻璃天棚
go on 继续生活
grassroots movement 草根運動
Having said that 既然说了这些,还要指出毕竟
Holy Beings 神明
I had had this kind of thing as Governor 要是我当州长时有这等事情的话
Insecuritization 没有保障;不安全;失去信心
It's a Southern thing; 这是南方本色
it's down to the last who gets to sneeze for you 钜细靡遗
Khidir Hamza 克迪尔‧哈姆札
laissez faire 自由竞争、自由放任
link 建立合作关系
lobbyist 说客。游说通过议案者。在议会外游说议员者。陈情者
magic wand 灵丹妙药
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