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English to Chinese IT (Information Technology) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
"graffiti" pen-strokes 手写(输入)板
"worker" web servers "Tomcat Worker" Web 服务器
/8 netblock /8网络地址段
4-1-1 business search 4-1-1电话查询
a caste system 等级制度/体系
a different color of money 同样是花钱,但性质不同
a drop down 下拉框或下拉列表
a gate and a pointer 入口和指针
Entered by: Frank Feng
a legacy domain 传统领域, 该领域显得很传统,
Entered by: jyuan_us
a propensity for underemployment 就业不足趋势
a rock-solid poker face 泰山崩于前而不变色的扑克脸/任何时候都能镇定自若
a smile without a cat 没有猫的笑
Entered by: Julia Zou
a very lumpy business 起伏性/波动性很大的行业
a walk in the park 很容易发生
advanced metrics and analysis of raw data 先进的原始数据计量和分析
again the same condition will arrive at 2⁶³ 当(数组大小)达到2⁶³时又会出现相同的情况
air-quality 无线环境质量
air-side economizers 鲜风节能器
always be such always be like this
animation sequences 动画片断
appease the open-source priesthood 取悦开源倡导者/迎合开源倡导者
at the executive-level 执行领导级别/层面的
audit trail 审计跟踪记录
“bucket” together 分组/分区?
beating against 对着干
becomes one 融合为一
being consistent to 保持一致
benefit plan 保险计划
between 协调合作
between points 两球之间/比赛间歇
blast detection sensor tape 爆炸探测传感带
Block-Based Languages 积木式(编程)语言
Entered by: Frank Feng
boosts workloads 提高工作负载的处理能力
brochure site 宣传手册式网站
BT farms "业务技术养殖场"
building envelope 建筑围护结构
business formation 公司创建、组建
business insights 商业洞察力
cameras 相机
can be made with very small features 可以做得非常小
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