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English to Chinese Law (general) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
appropriate local translations and adaptations. 恰当翻译和本地化调适
Entered by: Denyce Seow
arrangement 清偿安排
as amended Ref - 885765478.0 MISC.1 1986《劳工康复及赔偿法》依编号 885765478.0 MISC.1 之修订
Entered by: David Lin
as it applies in Australia as at 1 June 2007 (本出版物中的信息)适用于澳大利亚适用法律(最新截至2007年6月1日)管辖范围内的居民或受该法律影响的人。
as it is occurring (它)正在进行时;同时
associative, family, domestic, autonomous 联合企业、家庭、本地(生产)单位、自主/自治
Entered by: David Lin
ASSUME ALL FAULTS 承担全部后果;为各种可能的不利结果承担责任
Entered by: jyuan_us
assume the position 填补(主席)职位
at all times material hereto 在所有对此有关系的的时间
句子理解 如果已装运的货物价值占离岸价百分之 15, 那么运费可以待货物到达目的地后才支付(即货到付款)。
Entered by: David Lin
两造 both parties
Entered by: albertdeng
得心证之理由 心证 = 法官的自由心证 = judge's free evluation of evidence 得心证之理由 = the reasons/evidences to convince the judges
Entered by: albertdeng
“facilitating” payments 加速费
‘hands-on’ processing 直接/亲自 处理
Entered by: David Lin
Bar 限制性规定/禁令
Entered by: albertdeng
Be it remembered 谨此提醒
been subject to verfication of the conditions for marriage 按照丹麦法律验证结婚条件
Entered by: William He
Before 向/在;归于...管辖
Entered by: jyuan_us
Before the: World intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation 呈递:世界知识产权组织仲裁与调解中心
before your deposition 在你做笔录证言前
Entered by: Julia Zou
bequest 遗赠和继承
better home ? 以及整句理解 比竞争法更适合的法例
Entered by: David Lin
Body Corporate (業主) 管理委員會
Entered by: albertdeng
Brief of evidence 证据摘要
Entered by: albertdeng
BY 根据/按照
Entered by: jyuan_us
by 2011 到了2011年
by and through
Entered by: Forrest Liang
by and through their attorneys, 通过其各自代理人/通过其各自律师
by ecclesiastical authority 經教庭授權
by enquiry and walkthrough tests (审计)检查及穿行测试
Entered by: David Lin
call case 原告提起诉讼并且提出证据,被告根据原告所提出的诉讼主张给予反证,随后原告在根据被告的证词给予回答或反驳。
Entered by: Fang Sheng
caseworker 個案工作者
Cease and desist provisions 禁止令
Entered by: albertdeng
ceded land 割让地
chattel 动产
CHIEF MAGISTRATE JUDGE 和 district judge有什么区别? 美国州初级法院(Magistrates Courts) 首席法官/ 美国联邦地方法院法官
child predator (性)侵犯儿童者
Circuit court 巡迴法院 or 巡回法庭
Entered by: Dr. C Li
Claim and Counterclaim (权利)主张;反诉
Entered by: albertdeng
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