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English to Chinese Law (general) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
claim denied (提出的) 理赔 (给付) 申请被拒绝
Claim Form & Particulars of Claim 起诉书;起诉事由说明(书)
class action suits 集体诉讼
Class Order Warning 法令警示
clean state 洁净状态
clear-cut cases 易于界定的案例/界定清楚的案例
Entered by: Li Rui
client note 法律信息通訊 or 法律信息簡訊
Entered by: Shirley Chen
closed with merit 充分理据下结案
Entered by: David Lin
Commercial Banking 商业性银行业务
commissioner 特等法庭法官
commitment 恪守职责/尽忠职守
Committal 交付 (ex: 交付羁押、交付审判、交付入狱、交付判处) ;羁押
Entered by: albertdeng
common elements 老百姓
Entered by: jyuan_us
community property 夫妻共有财产
Compeared 出庭被告
Entered by: David Lin
complain against decision of an administrative authority 对行政机关的决定提出申诉
comprehensive federal presence 联邦法全面适用
compromise this notion absent special circumstances 如无特殊情况,本人将坚持该原则
Entered by: Julia Zou
Computer Freehold Register 电脑自主持有地产权注册
Entered by: albertdeng
conditional entrant 有條件的入境者
Cons-III 三级领馆领事
Entered by: Jixiang Ma
Consent and Capacity Hearing 同意和行为能力听証會
consideration of cases 案件审议
Considering [argument no 1] and [argument no 2] 鉴于
Construction 建筑业
content of Police Causion 你可以保持沉默。但如果你在被问及将来作为你庭审抗辩依据的问题时保持沉默,则可能对你的辩护产生不利影响。你所说的每一句话都可能作为呈堂证供。
Entered by: Eric Xu
Contracting out (服务、工程、合同等的)外包
Entered by: albertdeng
Control Panel for the Prevention of Money Laundering 反洗钱监控小组
Cornerstone tests 基石性测试
Entered by: albertdeng
costs in the cause 诉讼进行中的费用或诉讼期间发生的费用
Councils 議會 (委員會)
Count I 罪名 1
Countermeasures for affected period and number of vehicles production period (Y/ 受影响期间对策和该生产期间车辆生产数目(年月日)
Court fee 法庭费
Entered by: MeC.L.
Courtroom well 應訊席 (or 應訊處)
credit for cooperation 配合从宽
Crime and Disorder Act 1998 section 1 (1) (a) 1998年犯罪与扰乱秩序法
crime spree 連續作案
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service 皇家检察院及地方检察官服务处
Custodian of Records 记录保管人
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