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English to Chinese Law (general) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
national referral panel 全国法律专家组
Entered by: Julia Zou
nav. cod. Navigation Code (海运法)
New York state legislature 纽约州议会
no order as to the costs of this suit 未做出有关诉讼费的判决
Entered by: Cindy Zhao
no substitute for healthy skepticism 没有任何东西可以替代健全/理智/合理的怀疑
non-medical declination injury 非醫療性傷害不受理賠表格
non-responsive 不回應
Notary Public 公证人;公证员
Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit our liability 这些条款和条件不排除或限制我们对。。。。的责任
Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, 纵使此处有任何相反之规定:
Now come 兹有
obligation to update responses 更新反应信息/应诉内容的义务
old age benefit laws 老年福利法/老人福利法
on the basis that 因为 (是一个理由)
Entered by: David Lin
once in jeopardy 你為此案曾經被起訴兩次?
Entered by: David Lin
operational tax 营业税金
Entered by: David Lin
Option Land Purchase Agreement 购地选择权协议
Entered by: David Lin
or was discovered to have occurred 或发现诉因已产生
Entered by: jyuan_us
Order of Reference 提交令
Entered by: Zhoudan
orientation opportunity for the teachers 岗前培训
otherwise 在其他方面
overtake 扭轉
Entered by: David Lin
pass 問話完畢
passing off laws 仿冒法
pat-search 穿衣搜身
patent enforcement “专利执法”或“专利权强制实施”
pending and outstanding 任何未决的股份转让(不论是否已递交)
person 合资格人士
personal undertaking 个人承诺
photo line-ups 看照片指认嫌犯
physician practice groups 医师执业合作团体;医师执业合作组织;医师执业合作社;医师执业合作所
Entered by: Julia Zou
Pilots Account 实验性服务帐户
Entered by: David Lin
place you in removal proceedings 将你置入递解程序
plan and exhibits 计划和附件
Police Station Attendance 到警局应讯
Entered by: David Lin
Policy 制度/规定
Pooling 联手合作
Entered by: Bin Tiede
Post-Grant 授予专利后
Entered by: Julia Zou
postulated 获提名
prays for judgment against the Defendants, in the amount of $280 请求判决被告支付金额 2800 美元
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