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English to Chinese Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
as XX may reasonably direct from time to time 正如/如同XX可能不时合理要求/指示的那样
by or on behalf of 由或代表
combined single limit for each occurrence 每一次事件的合并单一总限额/综合单一责任限额
...are subject to copyrights held by or licensed to xxxxx 受xxxxx持有或得到授权的版权所保护
a percentage of 占……的百分比
Entered by: Sharon Toh, MITI MCIL
All rights reserved 保留所有权利
an ward of costs 关于费用的裁定/裁决
Apart from the exceptions formulated in the xxx Copyright Act of 1912 除《1912 年 xxx 著作权法》规定的除外情形外
are intended to cover such forms 意在涵盖所有...之任何易形
全句 whole sentence
Entered by: TranslatorJ
be subject to an undertaking to exercise due-care 应保证实施适当的照顾(
by implication, estoppel, or otherwise 通过暗示、默许或其它方式
Entered by: Julia Zou
by-laws 章程;组织细则
cases 案件
Chemical and electrolytic dissolution 化学和电解分解技术
collapse into each other 相互重叠
Entered by: Li Rui
Companies Registry 公司注册处
Entered by: Forrest Liang
consequential damages 衍生性损害
contemplate and instant 设定的. 应急的
copending 申请中的
copy written 有版权的文字
decoding of genes 基因解碼,基因译码
defend against 为...抗辩;保护...(使其免受损害)
except and only to the extent that 除非且仅限于(这种情况/如下情况)
Form CO CO表; 标准合并通知书
in connection with 就……;关于……
Entered by: crowdparadise
institutional rights 制度性权利
manipulation 操纵;滥用
mask works 掩膜作品
matrix 基体
No-shop agreement: 限制谈判协议
on closing 成交
organic binder 有机粘接剂
parking site (Domain Name ) Parking site
patent infringement abatement 专利侵权中止
patent opinion work 制作专利意见书
Entered by: Adsion
patrimonial investigation 遗产调查
power of exclusion 专有权
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