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English to Chinese Medical: Pharmaceuticals Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
L-gamma-glutathione 左旋 γ-谷胱甘肽
Entered by: jyuan_us
Macular Degeneration 黄斑变性
Entered by: jyuan_us
a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier;hydrates 药学上可接受的载体;水合物
activated clays, charcoal, activated alumina. “活性粘土、活性炭、活性氧化铝”
an endpoint driven CV outcomes trial 终点驱动的心血管结果试验
Citalopram 西酞普兰
Entered by: albertdeng
Gently mix your cloudy insulin 轻轻搅拌云雾状胰岛素
Entered by: albertdeng
industrial manufacture unit 工业生产单元
lower boundary 下限
native coronary arteries 自体冠状动脉
Sartopore 2-filter Sartopore 2® 过滤器
telemetered 連接遙測器 ( 的老鼠)
with FVIII inhibitor bypassing (具有)FVIII抑制物旁路活性
"Antiretroviral Switch Studies" 反/抗逆转录(酶)病毒转化研究
"prevent", "preventing" and "prevention" “预防”这一术语,无论以何种形式出现,均指......
10 % (w/w) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Suspension In Petrolaltum 10 % (重)十二烷基硫酸钠-凡士林悬浮体
100% relative to 完全相同
Entered by: Lu Zou
2 part 两段;两部分
3 arm, 3组
a Defined Investigator’s Choice Therapy 已定义的研究者选定治疗方案
a safety run in 安全性评价准备期
Acarbose in cirrhosis 拜糖平不得用于肝硬化病人
Entered by: Lu Zou
active diagnosis 有效诊断
Entered by: Jing Nie
acute tertiary 急诊三级 or 急诊/三级
Acylated Isoflavone Glucoside 酰化异黄酮葡糖苷
adaptation 修改(以适应)
aggregate cell culture 聚集细胞培养
alfuzosin 阿夫唑嗪 (for China) or alfuzosin (for Taiwan & HK)
alkylating agents, vica alkaloids 羟基化制剂,替代性生物碱
Entered by: jyuan_us
aluminum crimp seal 铝质钳口盖
amrinone , milrinone, enoximone 笰μ笰ㄌ空喱
an important finding considering 一项重要的发现
an Open-Label Multicenter Study 开放性多中心研究/开放、多中心研究
anaerobicides 抗厌氧菌药
Entered by: jyuan_us
analyzed centrally 集中分析 as... 有...也有...可...也可
anecdotal data 个例数据/个例研究资料
anti-helicobacter pylori effect 抗幽门螺杆菌的疗效
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