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The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English to Chinese Printing & Publishing Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
brand execution 品牌执行
finishes (laid, smooth, vellum, writing) 纸面/纸纹理(直纹纸 、滑面纸 、仿羊皮纸 、书写纸 )
lock-up 位置锁定
关于打印机和耗材 打印机和打印耗材要配套,有的要墨筒,有的要墨盒( 墨筒对墨筒,墨盒对墨盒)
Back track page 反向引用页面/回溯引用页面
Entered by: albertdeng
chelate-building properties 构建螫合物的性能
cocking motor 应该是一种开合电机
comb, French curl, stone marbling 古典式大理石花紋紙
compensating stacker 补偿式堆纸机
Copyright 著作權
cosmotropic 亲液
cutesy magazine? 做秀杂志
em-box 字框
endpapers and wrappers (书的)衬页和封皮
extruded plastic filaments 挤压塑料细丝
forms 表格
gutter 两页间的空白,内白边,内边距
intricacies of translating customer requirements 顧客需求轉換為...的複雜度
Jetrion 3010 Single Head System with Desktop Controller Jetrion 3010单头(喷墨)系统(带桌面控制器)
Jetrion 3010 Single Head System with Rack Controller Jetrion 3010单头(喷墨)系统(带机架控制器)
jog 闯纸/齊紙
lay-on edges 基准边
light & heavy paper 轻质纸和重质纸
Newspapers on filmstrips 报纸的胶片拷贝
paper weight of approximately 270 gsm (US 100lb. poster board) 纸张基重约(270 gsm (美100lb. 广告纸板))
percentages owed 稿费或版权费
persons who displayed their commitment and dedication 展现出担当与奉献精神的人们
plastic crap 塑料垃圾
Printing blanket bar 印刷橡皮布夹条
Entered by: albertdeng
Printing blanket termination and blanket converting system 印刷橡皮布终端和橡皮布加工系统
Entered by: albertdeng
punching device 打孔机 or 打孔装置
remaliner punching 打孔装置冲孔
represent 表示 / 声明 / 保证
revised and expanded edition 增修版
royalty statements 版税协议/声明
screen count 丝网目数
slider 色阶滑杆/钮
The right person at the right time in the right place 天时、地利、人和
to mined ? 怎么理解 (市场趋势变幻莫测,backlist 书目总有)值得挖掘的价值
traverse bar 横移杆

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