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English to Chinese Psychology Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
a person of unconditional self-worth 具有绝对价值的人
all evolution one long history of its workings. 其演化是一段有关其運作方式的漫长历史
arrogance vs pride 自大 vs 自豪 (utf-8)
as like unto a raft dharmas should be forsaken 知论佛法如乘筏者应弃佛法
attention hyper-deficit disorder 注意力缺陷過動症
badgerer 糖粘型的
big picture consequences of actions 行动会对大局造成的后果
Entered by: Julia Zou
caring 爱心
Entered by: Julia Zou
full of purpose 很有意义
Entered by: Dr. C Li
get stimulated 令我干劲十足
Grouping 分组
groupthink 趋同思维、思想趋同或从众思维
health psychology 健康心理學
Entered by: Denyce Seow
immunity and immortality 见下
little cooperation 不怎么合作/与人共事难得步调一致/少配合
making the rules up as they go 自订规则,自行其是
Entered by: Julia Zou
nested level 递进式或者叠加式?
not to attribute success to their own efforts and capabilities 不认为成功与否取决于自身的努力和能力
Sc 换句话说;亦即
self-esteem 自尊心•自尊感
strong conservers or strong originators 具有强烈保守倾向的人或具有强烈创新倾向的人/坚定的保守者或坚定的创新者
Entered by: Julia Zou
supergroup 超群
Entered by: Siwei Wang
supraordinate 置于上的
The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 尽信书不如无书
We are Drawn to the Negative 我们往往悲观看待世事
what experience may hold 经历过的事情
what he may not do ( 很难说 ) 他(们)不会去(做).....
what the good life seems to be 美好生活大概是什么样的
worked up 神经紧张/煩燥不安/情緒激動
Entered by: Adsion

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