The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English to Chinese Telecom(munications) Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
assert 断言
Entered by: Frank Wang
precision power-on-reset (PPOR) 精密加电/上电复位
Entered by: William He
punctured 屏蔽
second stage dialing 二次拨号
"Called at" and "Called on" 入港 和 拜访 等等,见下面说明。
Additional Minutes 额外分钟数
airtime charges, Unlimited Nights and Weekends 用(手)机时间,无限制的(免费)晚上及周未(用(手)机)时间
aliasing 混叠
Anytime Minutes 任何时段分钟数
attribution 归因/原因分析
Audio profiles 音頻規範
automatic switching 自动转接
专利电话面板复用键盘 Patented telephone multiplex keypad
bandpass filter 带通滤波器
be powered by the RF field 通过射频场提供电力\能量
Entered by: William He
c.f. 参见
Call Forwarding 来电转接
Catch up TV 回看电视
Entered by: J.H. Wang
cell site 发射站
churn rate 用户流失率
circuit switched multi-user cellular communication systems 电路交换多用户蜂窝通信系统
coarse-tuning 粗调
collect call 对方付费电话 or 接收方付费电话
compander 壓縮擴展器
conference call com 电话会议网站
Conference call transcription 电话会议记录
corporate conference calling 进行公司电话会议
corporate value 公司价值 / 企业价值
cost of provisioning 资源调配成本
Entered by: Alex Liu
crosstalk 串话(干扰)
data enrichment 数据扩充
digital distribution frame 数字分配架
domain 网络资源
exit 国际电话接取码
front porch 前沿
Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching 通用多协议标签交换
global access 全球性连接
global imaging plugs 数码相机全球通用插头
Glossary Sharing 术语表共享
granular fashion 粿粒化(可以隨時調整带宽)
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