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English to Chinese Tourism & Travel Translation Glossary

English term Chinese translation
FITs, MICE 自助旅游,会展旅游
Entered by: David Lin
a Tyrolienne traverse and a scramble up a via ferrata 提洛尔横攀和铁索攀岩
Entered by: Julia Zou
attractions 景点参观服务
Entered by: David Lin
barcos 小船
classy take 上流/高级/时髦的(主题)
fine 杰出的
found the best deal 找到最优惠的旅行计划
free right 不需减速, 直接右转
key bell 钥匙包
Property Irregularity Report 行李事故报告书
solar energy 太阳能
sparkling dates juice 枣汁汽水
tape 尼龙织带/条带
the chain of residential development to be interlocking 住宅开发产业链环环相扣
the Las Vegas style strip 拉斯维加斯风情街
The mouth is opulent and wholly composed. 口感丰富纯正
vitro ceramic hobs 玻璃陶瓷炉/微晶玻璃炉
"boiler rooms" “锅炉房”;“地下交易室”
"Schlair Hotel", I guess it is the name for a hotel, what is it in Chinese. FYI
3/4 bathroom 淋浴卫生间
4-star-superior hotel 豪华四星酒店; 四星级豪华酒店
50 room nights 50間客房/夜晚
a fully commentated hop-on, hop-off attractions loop tour 全程解說的随乘隨下环城游
a high-pressure vacuum flush sealed her to the toilet seat 坐便器上安装的高压真空冲水器,把她的臀部吸进便盆里,拿不出来了。省了系安全带的麻烦。
Entered by: jyuan_us
a la carte restaurant and gourmet restaurant 点菜餐厅和风味美食餐厅
A smile goes a long way 会心的微笑就是最好的语言
a vibrantly visual reflection 撼人心魄的美景
Entered by: Julia Zou
action packed thrill 充满动感的刺激项目
Adjoining rooms 相连房间/连通房间
admitted and not had the opportunity of a meal 办理完住院手续却未赶上正餐时间
Entered by: Julia Zou
Entered by: David Lin
airport run 机场接送(服务)
Al. Witosa 维托萨大街
Alcove bed 壁橱床
Along with 同时位列(榜上的)
Entered by: albertdeng
An enchanting landmark that's a wonder to behold 这是座魅力四射的标志性建筑,对所有有幸进入其华丽门厅的人而言,的确是个看得见的奇迹。
Entered by: Julia Zou
ancient country of kii 紀伊国
and style with Real Journeys 不妨叫"真实的旅程"(可不译)
Animation 互动娱乐
Entered by: Forrest Liang
Aria Kitchen 阿丽雅(ARIA)厨房
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