The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English Advertising / Public Relations Translation Glossary

English term English translation
(yes/no on ad text) Subtle changes plus punctuation. Yeah.
a gentle touch in your bath (adds or brings) A soft touch to your bath or a touch of softness to your bath
all door/mid door/top door idea General-market/Mid-price market/High-end market
Entered by: John Alphonse
arthouse theatre experimental, avant-garde
“10 and 5” rule ten and five feet zone (distance between customer and employee) for hospitality purposes
blue-flag beach environmentally friendly beach
booking vs. reservations either is acceptable, except for specalized useage, such as in accounting, though in general one 'books' a seat in the UK and 'm
bundle pack two or more products or services for one price
camera-ready mechanicals completed pages ready to be printed
Entered by: Charles Davis
career progression
Change the pace. change gear
Competence or expertise expertise (at least in this context)
Entered by: Christine Andersen
coup de grâce a death blow or shot administered in mercy to end the suffering of a person or animal mortally wounded
CPI cost per interview
Entered by: SafeTex
DM direct mailings
Entered by: Mark Nathan
double figures double digits
drop out point drop-off point
Elaborate complex
Except after hours, and then we lock them. we lock the doors when we close at the end of the working day
Executing the Client’s order on every deal or service payments are made directly between the client Executing the Client’s order on every deal or service, payments are made directly between the client
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
floor guarantee calculation on net billings floor guarantee = pre-determined set level
Football Parking special parking zone for football matches
Entered by: A.Đapo
glass ceiling invisible barrier
green-friendly folks can go back for seconds and thirds without guilt you can eat this environmentally friendly food as often as you like without feeling guilty
Hank Traynor Hank Traynor
hot zone contaminated area
hyperuseful hyper-useful
image wheel Images on a wheel in differnt games and contests
Introducing you to the Romanian market Your key to unlocking the Romanian market
is more than is more than / has more than
Entered by: Gayle Wallimann
it's never been easier to make the most of It is now as easy as it has ever been to benefit the most from
just goo it a pun on the slogan "just do it"
Entered by: Gayle Wallimann
Just speak and get things moving! Just say the word!
Entered by: Mikhail Kropotov
latest technology products state-of-the-art products
leather goods animal skin products
masturbar masturbate
Entered by: Martine Brault
Mayfair on your stationery prestige address
media commission that will be earned vis-a-vis the demands media commission that the agency will earn in proportion to what is required of the agency
modular construction modular construction
No claims are made or implied we do not make any explicit or implicit claims about our product
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