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English Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Translation Glossary

English term English translation
pumped to find a new set up and beat themselves up on it enthusiastic about mastering their new urban skiing playground
"poppy factory" as movie title Peace & Rememberance Days
......what his name is This young man, Edwin, or whatever his name is, what's he do?
Entered by: Charles Davis
A day out of days paid days
a friend of Pat John is a friend of Pat
a real diamond in the rough undiscovered treasure (needs to be polished)
a-funting, a-thraking and a-wornapping hunting, tracking and napping
AA and AAA farm clubs (minor leagues, professional baseball)
Entered by: JaneTranslates
AIM Administrators In Medicine
and busting a cap up their asses shooting them (in their ass or other body parts)
Entered by: airmailrpl
Antonio Banderas in Evita not his first singing role
apple bobbing Wonderful game
as has been done to you in relationship after relationship as your partners have done to you in your relationships
at hand close up/close at hand (at a hand's distance)
back on the board back on the murder (or case or suspect) board
Entered by: NancyLynn
backprojection back projection
Bag me or shag me? arrest me or make love to me
barn-burning very exciting or intense
beam out transport
bossorama fantastic
Entered by: NancyLynn
breast-feeding to feed (a baby) mother's milk from the breast; suckle
buckle to sb. give in to/give way to/yield to sb.
built like brick chicken houses solidly built (from a more commonly vulgar expression)
Entered by: NancyLynn
bust in (on something) appear suddenly, barge in, interrupt
cast hue
CAST Communication Art, Science, and Technology
catch you at the mission see you at the poorhouse
Entered by: Laurens Landkroon
classic six No man buys a luxury, spacious apartment unless he is planning to get married.
co-host/co-presenter two people present/host the program
Entered by: Mark Nathan
desire or wish depends on the context
Doel doh-ell
don't push the envelope don't push it to the limit, don't get carried away
Entered by: NancyLynn
Double board and keep your chappers open. food and lodgings and keep your eyes open/peeled
DQ Dairy Queen
ersatz class of low quality.
Family fare suitable entertainment for all the family
Entered by: Sheila Wilson
feel flush If he felt he had enough money to afford it
female cameraman camerawoman / cameraman
filigreed with nuance adorned with/embellished with nuance/subtle hints
flashing on the Common exposing oneself in a public place
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