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English History Translation Glossary

English term English translation
to careen back to depths of slaughter War and destruction as contrast, alternating with splendor
" the dispatch of fresh levies to Cuba and..." by sending additional fresh troops to Cuba
A cranial study pioneer's name Aleš Hrdlika
a golden bridge beckoned out of it literal sense, a real bridge
Entered by: Rafa Lombardino
A member of the coalition attacking Ottomans in the 1443 to 44 campaign Candians
a pair of patterns a pair of pattens=(wooden) overshoes
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
aggregate to take over / assimilate
all manner of futures all kinds of possible outcomes
allowance rebate or deduction from tax due
Entered by: Charles Davis
ancient demesne claimed to be quit, and so did gavelkind. those holding ancient demesne land or property under gavelkind tenure claimed exemption
Entered by: Charles Davis
Ancient Lights Normally windows
attached so much... as to as much as
Entered by: NancyLynn
Ban Blonde or fair
bar casting the bar
BCE before Common Era; before Christian Era
became reconciled and with an ally of the Tsar in Tilsit became reconciled with and an ally of the Tsar in Tilsit
beg It's a mistake: ignore it
Entered by: Charles Davis
brave a fine bravely face having to pay a fine
Entered by: Charles Davis
By the mid-20th century Perfectly usual turn of phrase: Read style guide references.
Caribe/Carib/Caribs Carib/Caribs
Entered by: JaneTranslates
cattayle cattle
Chajjal (Dajjal?) Anti-Christ
characteristic peroration typical conclusion to a speech
citizens of the cities vs burgesses of the boroughs citizens of the cities vs burgesses of the boroughs
clerical grants taxes conceded to the crown by the church
Colonel Blimp Someone with reactionary and stupid views
coloured corps caps Student corporation caps (hats)
complete one whole unit (not a fraction or a multiple)
dedicate the act of consecrating an altar, temple, church, or other sacred building.
Entered by: acetran
Destraler axeman
Entered by: Lisa McCarthy
different press runs for an edition of a rare book impressions
Frederich what? Frederick of Baden
games with a nickel for stakes games with a wager or bet of five cents (nickel)
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
garnished to appear ... / garnishers / garnishment called to appear/ summoned to appear
Guinegate (pronunciation) gin`ga:t
Entered by: Nick Lingris
hatch a type of door giving/preventing access between levels
Entered by: Sheila Wilson
hired hand in the hands of (as painted by)
history vs. History history = general History = academic discipline
infanticide Can refer to either the deed or (less commonly) the perpetrator.
Entered by: JaneTranslates
isodomic built of blocks of equal size, with the joints of one course over the middle of the blocks below
Entered by: Charles Davis
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