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English Journalism Translation Glossary

English term English translation
in the right-wing wilderness grumble about over campfires. in the wild country of right-wing politics complain about while sitting round their camp fires
a small mind a (petty/narrow-minded/unimaginative) person
After the season is before the season After the (2004) season is the same as before the (2005) season.//The post-season is the pre-season.
Entered by: JaneTranslates
article title Government and Parliament Should Not Interfere With Affairs of SOEs
as a beat both
as much anything else no aspect of the jazz camp is more important or significant than professional global awareness
Entered by: Charles Davis
Blue Peterish innocent, childish
bureau chief director
chance behind the battle awkward...see below
Compared to what might be what the future potentially holds
corn-flakes packet cereal boxes had illustrations and stories about space flight
Entered by: Valentina Pecchiar
elbow bender heavy drinker
engage to attract, involve and hold the interest of
expectations from/for/on/of expectations of/for
Entered by: B D Finch
feature-type special human interest story or article that is not closely tied to a recent news event
fiscal bridge the use of the taxation system to bridge the gap...
hanging on struggling
have form have a record of having done this
in a moment / at a moment / in a certain moment at one point
Entered by: NancyLynn
in a positive move for and Iran, whose entry in the sector will benefit the entire Caspian Sea region*
in the central Iraqi town of Madain in the city of Madain located in the center of Iraq
Entered by: airmailrpl
influential network news divisions influential news sections of broadcasting companies
Entered by: B D Finch
it might just fly it might just work
Legality of Special Audit is the Authority of Law Enforcers Substitute "is" with "under".
Entered by: NancyLynn
like a Dutch pancake (paraphrasing) meagre / a big disappointment
Entered by: Max Nuijens
machine that sb. in the TV news control room uses to "roll" news script up or down for the news anchor to read autocue, teleprompter
Entered by: Steffen Walter
mapped out the condition arranged in detail, formulated, planned out
mobilised / mobilisation 65% des employés SNCF étaient mobilisés +30%...
nuts-and-bolts work of figuring out the nature basic work required as a framework for everything else
one of the only one of the few, but with a different in nuance
over the head by-passing
people who have problems avoid appointing anyone who has a poor track record/any past issues
political constancy political stability
Pool Report A press report based on information from a source available to a pool of reporters
press springs spring times for the press
Entered by: Erich Ekoputra
proxy (ironical) apparent but not real
raising the specter of sex evoke or call forth as if by magic
rehearsed or re-enacted prepared beforehand or acted out
soft news feel good stories
St. Joseph/St. Joe St Joseph's University
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