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English Law: Contract(s) Translation Glossary

English term English translation
set aside and held for naught ignored and regarded as invalid
single one-time
"the same" the items just named
(to) tender delivery Tender means to formally offer so it is the first of your proposals
30 day account within 30 days after the invoice date
Accrual Rates rate at which a benefit is accumulated
Accrued Benefits cumulated benefits
acquit settle
add-on acquisition additional acquisition which operates in accord with existing operation
agreements on quotas agreements to limit volume of sales to a fixed amount over a fixed period
all ends ALL commissions / transaction charges (buy and sell)
all subcontracting to all work/jobs awarded to xxx by means of subcontract
another term for "the User" customer
antichresis security contract between debtor and creditor
any Director may waive notice of any meeting any Director may choose not to exercise his/her right to receive notice of any meeting
Entered by: Charles Davis
appendix/schedule appendix: a supplementary document attached to the end // schedule: a written list or inventory,
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
as available as provided by the bank
as for a debt of my own as though this were my own, personal, debt
as not a cause of a delay in order to avoid any delay(s)
Entered by: NancyLynn
as shall enable as will make it possible for
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
as to his signature witnessing his signature as genuine
Entered by: B D Finch
Asbestos Creditors group holding claims against the company because of asbestos-related illnesses/ailments
Assembly required assemblage of land/property is necessary
assessment of the relative ease or otherwise of assessment of how easy or difficult it is...
Entered by: Piotr Fras
assigned agreement transferred agreement
at take-on upon assumption of responsibility
at the side of the beautiful xxx River. alongside/on the banks of the River XXXX
bindingly The court's ruling is binding on all parties to the case
by the end of the year no later than
CA. certificate of authenticity
call-off agreement blanket order; call-down agreement (non-standard)
Can you understand this? see explanation below
capability competence
carves out the matter builds / establishes the (law suit) matter
characterised manifested, presented, shown
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
claims ready for judgement claims ready for hearing, claims ready for proceedings.
closing transactions/closing conference/closing date/ signing
Commissioned for life he has the duty for life
Compensation Cap maximum compensation
Conclude synonym of enter into (for the most part)
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