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English Management Translation Glossary

English term English translation
break-out room small meeting room
Entered by: R-i-c-h-a-r-d
(to be) on the money (to be) perfectly reliable and accurate (usually an estimate of some kind)..
a buy-in a (moral) support
Entered by: Erich Ekoputra
a goodwill write-off accounting for a loss by writing goodwill off the accounts
a move a positioning
agree media responses agree / decide (up)on
asset advantage the prestige of owning
asset-intensive requiring a large quantity or amount of assets / lots of assets to start or maintain
Augmentation calling in
basic fundamental
best selves their best qualities and features
Bias bias / difference
BMW sold Rover to a group called the Phoenix Consortium for the royal sum of 1o £. It was a nominal amount
Entered by: NancyLynn
breakout reports reports on smaller groups or subsections
By growing both our client and our talent franchises By increasing our customer database/number of customers and investing in hiring talented employees
chartered manager a manager who is qualified according to the rules of the Chartered Management Institute
Entered by: Nick Lingris
chopping jobs axing jobs, cutting jobs
Comes over one an absolute necessity to move An absolute necessity to move comes over one
commuinities get involved in (customers\') local community
compartmental thinking not thinking across the board
Entered by: Nasima Sarwar
concurrent engineering a philosophy in which all product life-cicle (PLC) activities are concurrently considered in the design phase.
control consciousness level of awareness of supervision
corner office top management
Entered by: Marian Greenfield
Critical Realism realistic expectations
Entered by: Mwananchi
curiosity killed the cat... and satisfaction brought him back! explanation
Customers are the judge of business survival. customers are the arbiters of business survival
cyclical industries industries dependent on cyclical factors in the economy for their prosperity
direct report each employee that reports directly to the supervisor (or manager)
Entered by: Marian Greenfield
distributing tips distributing the extra money customers give for good service
dotted line responsibility functional responsibility
dotted-line dual responsibility direct/indirect reporting lines
ends purpose, objective
Entered by: Michael Powers (PhD)
first choice tools best quality tools
fluffy of little substance
get a charge from; get a charge out of be inspired by
Entered by: Matheus Chaud
hand-holding showing s.o. exactly what to do
hard/soft value reccomendation required/mandatory vs. steering towards
He champions employees he stands up for employees
Entered by: Denyce Seow
heavy on have a lot of experience
hold (sb) to task hold (sb) responsible
Entered by: Matheus Chaud
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