The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English Other Translation Glossary

English term English translation
engage focus on or put your energy into
entry level boot boot for beginners / novices
error on the conservative side err on the safe side
ever- present existence of change constant change
Entered by: NancyLynn
exerts pressure on achieving ‘presence’ (urgent) presence: consciousness of being present
Entered by: Charles Davis
expatriates people who have left their country of birth to live in a different country
fan-out procedure for disseminating information
feature levels the levels or standards for each feature
featuring with the It's not necessary to use "featuring" here, see answer
feel/essence impression/real nature
Entered by: William [Bill] Gray
fester and stew to feel bitterness and agitation
FHSH Full Honda/Hyundai Service History
Entered by: liz askew
fiber-optic/liquid guide Light cable
Entered by: Kaori Myatt
FIGS French, Italian, German, Spanish
Figs, Vols Figs., Vols.
finagle smuggle
fingertip-searched Expression used by British police
first floor First floor above the ground floor
flint sharpness (here)the expression/emotion showing in his eyes showed that he was still tense and ready to react (see below for explanation)
floating poeket removable zipped pocket
for tin for the metal, tin.
force (its) way to the surface become (more widely) known
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
force peak maximum pressure
from Queens to Sheepshead Bay This man had a large territory for doing car sales
fully fashioned knitted to fit the shape of the body
fuming the girl's skin with superglue A fingerprint was extracted by fuming with superglue
Entered by: NancyLynn
gator - gator compatibility gaiter - 'gator' compatability = shoes with built in capacity to take 'gators', i.e. velcro or button fasteners
get better play works better
get vested get committed / commit yourself
get your finances on the fast track boost your financial performance
give a kick give a strong push
Entered by: Esther van der Wal
give the key to authorized personnel give the key to authorized personnel
go the full pledge to be totally committed to sth
golden ears well trained ears
Entered by: airmailrpl
Good mandrel performance and good 'ice bucket' characteristics works well in the bottle labelling process and withstands icewater
grade Level of purity and/or the application for usage
Grade UNS R05200 Standard Specification for Unalloyed Tantalum for
greater dynamism and velocity increased sales
Entered by: David Knowles
guide for 45o angle cuts vs. 45o bevel guide angle cut is made across the surface; bevel cut is made through the thickness of the material
Entered by: Kevin Kelly
gumberry berries of gumtree (Nyssa sylvatica)
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