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English Other Translation Glossary

English term English translation
Q-33 question 33/ Leave it as it is.
Rabbi of Kenty, Landau The Rabbi of Kęty (Kenty) named Landau;Oświęcim = Auschwitz
racing (as adjective) passion for racing
racy some of the signs of mania
Entered by: NancyLynn
RAG RAG: German company name
rawhide lacing pelle non conciata
receive smth from smb/receive from smb. smth The Company received the following instructions from Clerk and Smith Inc.:
Entered by: Lara Barnett
recharge former one
Recommendee ? Reference
reduce by a factor of four reduce by 75%
reduce emissions of their plant investments reduce harmful emissions from their factories
Entered by: Nick Lingris
regarding a device - xxx (apposition) a device known as, which goes by the name of
Regulated Alcohol alcohol subject to controls
relative to others’ within your workgroup and organization – are impacting your total compensation in comparison with others of your workgroup, so as to be able to determine your pay and bonuses
relevant people concerned pleople
requires having or to have having or to have is not necessary in this context
residual disability disability remaining after partial recovery
residual returns a term of 'market trading' ~ or reference to an employee compensation plan
resp or
Entered by: David Hollywood
respirable breathable
restake its starter position reassert or renew its preeminence in the starter drum kit market
retail park out-of-town shopping complex
Entered by: Nick Lingris
reversed for me the other way round for me
ride a launch ride a launch
RN, MN registered nurse, master of nursing
rohan to ascend; Origin Hindi/Sanskrit; also name of a tree in Hindi
Entered by: Balasubramaniam L.
roll sb. up into shut down or move somebody out of a position or operation
Roman numerals Oxford\'s use
rounded (in this context) curving up at the sides and front end
RPMO Redundancy Payments Modification Order
rules-based based on rules
salt idiom "worth one's salt" misused here: probably meant "worth one's while"
Entered by: Charles Davis
satellite périphérique, secondaire
scaffolding coordinator / men hand Supervisor / Helper in the construction industry
scale .... impact apply them on a [large] scale that produces an impact of several hundred million euros
Entered by: Charles Davis
School mark school emblem
schutz can type of can to be used with a Schutz gun
SCUNCHY scrunchy, wide hair-ties that "scrunch up". Mostly for females.
Entered by: David Jessop
seat of the pants approach doing it by instinct, finding out as you go along
Entered by: Tony M
secondhand stoke play on words: second-hand marijuana smoke/smoking
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