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English Science (general) Translation Glossary

English term English translation
12 channel needle stream splitter/aspirator device for splitting a (minute) fluid stream into 12 equal streams, suitable also for vacuum aspiration
All these three hypotheses are confirmed, by means of insight method methodology all three hypotheses are confirmed by means of insight-based methodology
ambient buffer, stringent buffer low-stringency buffer, high-stringency buffer
among or between comparing correlation and cross-correlation coefficients
armor "chink in the armor" = a weakness/hole in the protective cover
as the reciprocal of the dilution el recíproco de la proporción de dilución
biological spy biological agent
bleeding a tree bleeding a tree is something you must avoid while tapping is usually for extracting sap from trees
bush babies bush babies (galagos) or orphaned (etc.) young animals rescued from the Australian countryside
but simply / just
Entered by: Donna Stevens
crack parallel displacements displacement parallel to the crack
Dec December
demineralised vs. deionised water more definitions
detection cup handler tip sample cup holder
different points in time & different points of time different points of or in time
double seriated dilutions duplicate serial dilutions
dynamited buildings The use of dynamite stops fire.
encyclopedize gives an encyclopedic review of
Figures 2 and 3 illustrate (Passive voice) Tensile stresses distribution over the lower side of the specimen...
Entered by: NancyLynn
Folder folder/forms etc
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
further spiked in soil samples to prepare... and soil samples were then spiked with these to prepare...
gripping for difference target forces gripping for different target forces
hard to decline the shape delete
Hawking a Theory proposing/ trying to "sell" a theory
implication in implications for
in pressing under pressure
is of/on the order of of the order of (UK English); either (US English)
like so many whirlpools patterns of waves forming vortices
Entered by: B D Finch
log POW octanol–water partition coefficient
mixed and stir homogenized mixed and then homogenized by stirring
neat dilution neat is undiluted, 1:1 is ambiguous, used for both 50% dilution and undiluted
no less significant a role no less significant a role
overkill excess/excessive
Passive (charge neutralization / Ionizer) A device,usually a sharp grounded needle point,that discharges surfaces in the immed.vicinity by creating a conductive pathway
perpetuation or perpetuance perpetuation
presentation portrait a portrait to be presented to the subject
sorption on the fiber adsorption
speaks to the scientific evidence addresses/relates to the scientific evidence
Entered by: B D Finch
static standing posture and quiet standing posture static standing is the opposite of dynamic st., quiet st. is a basic form of it. Romberg st. or other variations exist.
The subject awakes to consciousness of his environment the person wakes up and is aware of his surroundings.
Entered by: Phoenix III
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