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English Slang Translation Glossary

English term English translation
"backloading" A method of sharing drugs (by injecting them from one syringe into the back of another opened syringe).
"Rough Stuff" An undisciplined, reckless, indecent, disorderly person
Entered by: airmailrpl
"Wee tam" little Thomas (Tam = Tom)
5s follow-up report
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
a flake (describing a person) person who is not focused, not centered
banana bender a Queenslander (aussie slang)
bar none with no exceptions (Concise Oxford Dictionary)
Entered by: Christine Andersen
be off "Be off" can mean "in a situation of" or "starting off"
between a rock and a hard place in a very difficult situation
Entered by: airmailrpl
bold, foward girl/woman Tart
Bounce off offer ideas for reflection to see if the recipient perceives errors/to see what he thinks of them
Brick City beat- down a butt kicking her butt kicked
Entered by: airmailrpl
bring it to to challenge (slang)
Entered by: Adele Oliveri
bum steer mislead
Canadian First-Raters Canadians
cheesy tacky, tasteless, nerdy, awkward
Entered by: Todd Field
chicks Girls
chiddies and chuddies chiddies = children + kiddies; chuddies = chum + buddies
chill hang out
chowdered (U.S. grunge-band slang) chopped up/messed up /screwed up/ (and Pornographic meaning)
close call nearly getting caught
cog realize, find out
cornpoke red neck grin
Entered by: airmailrpl
crunk slang: crazy & drunk
cut some slack give someone a break; be forgiving; be reasonable;
da kick out degree he was kicked out of university
dip have a look at, look through
do the rattle to experience (heroin) withdrawal symptoms
donkey kong Nintendo platform game
Entered by: Özden Arıkan
drive your way through Italy use a car to travel through Italy, as opposed to a train, etc
Entered by: NancyLynn
Driving paper Getting rid of paper tickets
ducking to get out of the way ? crouching or making another movement to avoid being hit
flare gun firing from the end of my nose the air was so hazy (or smoke-filled) that she could hardly see.
freak on sb Don’t freak on me => Don’t freak out on me.=> don't lose your calm...don't lose your cool
Entered by: airmailrpl
frontloading drug solution is shifted from one syringe into another with the needle
fruitloop A goofy, corny person; loop of cloth on the back of a man's shirt
Get a panda in the grotto get pregnant
Herry A streetwise young lady, probably in her teens and uncouth
Him Indoors my other half/partner/husband
Entered by: Edith Kelly
hip it up!stay cool! catch up with the times/ get/stay informed on the latest
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