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English Sports / Fitness / Recreation Translation Glossary

English term English translation
"transfer" - or other term? move
(a game with) play-off implications (NBA basketball) a game in which either or both teams have a chance to qualify for post season.
(physical fitness) training room fitness centre, 'gym'
Entered by: Tony M
air-balled a throw that misses the backboard, rim, and net entirely
Entered by: BdiL
American sports terms sound of disgust
apex the highest point / the uppermost point
assisted moved or adjusted freely according to the need of where to put your load
‘Doghouse’ a "dog-eat-dog" environment / a place where dogfights are held
Entered by: Charles Davis
back air-spring back-flip
Entered by: MLeiria
Bat. Avg. batting average
Entered by: Darko Kolega
big massive pillows for gloves large, cumbersome, well-padded gloves
Entered by: Tony M
Burn rubber behind the wheel of accelerate so quicky that the wheels spin and leave black rubber marks on the pavement
chip a ball kick a ball from underneath with less than maximum force
Coaching mantra? Pre-game pep talk
coming up on the rail catching up
Entered by: Gabor Kun
competitive bow competitive debut / first appearance in competition
constructive initiative VS productive initiative Constructive
Entered by: Lara Barnett
Day's hole location (in golf) The location of the whole on that day
Entered by: William [Bill] Gray
departed with the match ball left the pitch with the match ball (in hand) after scoring a hat-trick
disability sports disabled sports
discipline activity, specific sport
diving diving
embracing a new concept of high-technology under layers ... high-technology layers of underclothes
Factory Pair (of guns) special order of pair for one customer
finals final games
first-line center position of first-line center in ice hockey
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
foot stride stride
Entered by: B D Finch
form book record of team performances
GAYP (Tournament) Go As You Please
GMs general manager
half-pipes a structure consisting of two concave ramps
hit for six (bowler's point of view) the ball you bowled causes the other team to score runs
hottest (in this context) most fashionable and exciting
I'd twisted my levers and bars up bent / damaged handlebars / gear, brake levers
in sixty sixty shots/strokes
infield imaging technology a technology of showing as if you are in the field or you are the ball itself
inside-left channel inside-left attacker's space
ITO international technical official
Judging box in weightlifting control box
Entered by: Taña Dalglish
latest two-twenties latest horses capable of running a mile in two minutes and twenty seconds
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