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The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

English to Latin Poetry & Literature Translation Glossary

English term Latin translation
"The only secret of existence is to have no fear." Sola res occulta exsistendi nihil timere est.
'Suicide', sorta'... suicidium
'there is much honor in him' or 'there is much honor in his heart' Magna honestas inest ei/inest cordi suo
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
autumn poem / poem of the fall Carmen autumnale
beauty will save the world pulchritudo mundum servabit
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Belief is everything credere totum est.
Entered by: Olga Cartlidge
Children are the meaning of our lives. liberi vitarum nostrarum significatione sunt
first in,last out primus intus, ultimus foras
fish copulate in water pisces aqua coeunt
Fortune favors the bold Audentes Fortuna iuvat
Great Expanse vastum spatium
Entered by: Sergey Kudryashov
Hereward, you do not carry the Talisman for another. Herewarde, amuletum non pro alio fers.
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
I READ THEREFORE I AM Lego, ergo sum.
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
In Language We Trust linguae confidimus
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
In the absence of light, darkness prevails luce absente, obscuritas obtinet
Justice Before Peace iustitia ante pacem
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Life is more than just surviving. Non supervivere sed vivere vita est
live to be remembered extento aevo vivere
Entered by: Monika Rozwarzewska
love lives forever amor sempiternus est
Modus interacti way/method/means of interacting
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Nothing is lost forever Nihil perit in aeternum
One life One chance Vna vita, una potestas
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Only silence can be better than music Solum silentium melius musica esse potest
Over and out nuntius receptus et missus (est)
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
See phrase bleow si stellam superam attingerem proque omnibus temporibus quibus me ridere movisti tenerem, totum cael
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
Seeker, come to me, and be my eyes when I cannot see. Indagator, veni ad me esque oculi mei cum videre non possum
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
the art of being legless ars vivendi sine cruribus/ars sui habendi sine cruribus/*ars essendi sine cruribus
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
The cat lands on her feet Recte semper feles praecipitat
The gods and the people of Europe Dei populusque Europae
The past is never dead. Praeteritum tempus numquam moritur
The power of the mind is unlimited. Infinita potestas mentis est
the Way of the Monk via monachi
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
to catch red-handed in flagranti delicto exceptus, -a, -um/deprehensus, -a, -um
Entered by: Joseph Brazauskas
unknown translator interpres ignotus
Entered by: Sergey Kudryashov
Until Death And Beyond usque ad mortem atque ultra
what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Quod pro ceteris atque pro terrarum orbe fecimus, manet et sempiternum est.

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