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Farsi (Persian) to English General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters Translation Glossary

Farsi (Persian) term English translation
مكاره شان هفتگى است their annual market lasts for one week
Entered by: Mohammad Ali Omrani
كه عكس اوست دوكون Her countenance is the reflection of both universes
Entered by: Mahdieh Kandoei
لحاظ علمی in terms of/for his knowldge of science
چه پیداد مي کند what an outcry (the Poet) makes/raises
Entered by: Mahdieh Kandoei
مرده ريگ relic/leftover
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
درجه دو Level Two
!اجرتو از بین نبر Don't blow your (heavenly) reward!
!زرشک Humph! What a thought!
(کی خستس؟ (چه کسی خسته است؟ Who's tired?
... ez sararoush mibare (از سرو روش می باره ...) he just oozes ...
... مورد داشتیم که there was this one time that ... ; once there was a ...
...فکرشو بکن بیست دقیقه دیگه Imagine, twenty minutes from now...
...آزادسازی نرخ سود بانکی و مرتبط کردن آن با Deregulation of bank interest rates and linking it with....
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
...ابری هم كه باشی even if you're feeling blue...
...با این نگاه نحست (نحس ات) خواهی دید که with your sinister looks you will see that...
...دهن حسین صاف شد Hussein came through hell and high water to...
Adashe He is acting/pretending
ageh pa dad if the situation demands it; if it so happens
Ahl-e bakhieh An insider, someone who is knowledgeable / well-versed in a particular area; or a "junkie," drug addict
Amrika khavaremianeh ro ez kaf dade ast America has lost its grip on the Middle East
asl-e kari the main thing or item
Asl-e mojera ro beriz ruye dayere Get straight to the point, don't beat around the bush, "spit it out"
Ayn-e hulu Beautiful, good, interesting ("a real peach")
az dahn mioftad it's getting cold/unpalatable
Ba man kal kal nakon Don't mess with me
ba una jik o buk dare he's connected or associated with them ("cheek-to-cheek")
Bayad ez sobh ta shab hezar jur zakhmat bekeshi ta yeh loghme nun peyda koni You have to work all the time just to make a living (lit. "to get a piece of bread")
Be delam barat shode... Something tells me that...
be delam sAboon zadeh boodam I had the tickling dream of a nice rest for the weekend. (also 4 choices in the explanation)
Be in mofti? Just like that? / So easily?
Be karetun beresid Go back to work; go back to what you were doing
be man kheyli eradat dasht he was so respectful / kind to me
be omid-e didar hope to see you, see you soon, so long
chachaheh chattering
Chakhan pakhan Bullshit, cock and bull story
Che gonah karde pa suz-e man bashe? What has he done to deserve being madly in love with me?
Chendesh ha! Disgusting!
Cheshmet roshan Congratulations; I'm glad to hear that
Daghoun kardan To break, to ruin, to destroy
Dam bar avardan To exhale
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