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Farsi (Persian) to English History Translation Glossary

Farsi (Persian) term English translation
قدرت گرفتن يزيد come to power/take power/take control
به دو پول سیاه stiver
تخصّص پیدا کردن To gain expertise in
جلد كتاب volume
Entered by: Mohammad Ali Omrani
جسته وگريخته haphazardly/inconsistently
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
در سمت فرمانداری خوزستان as the governor of Khoozestan
to invade a country مورد حمله/تجاوز قرار دادن یک کشور
فرهنگسازی culture-building practices, cultural domination practices
گلولۀ فردی‌نشناس shot by an unidentified / unknown person
پَرِ‌کاهی a stubble / a small straw
پارسا from Pars, pious
و بس only
قلب تپنده خلیج فارس The Beating Heart of the Persian Gulf
Entered by: Mostafa Dehqan
نگذار don\'t let
نیایش و ادبیات نیایشی invocation and devotional literature
نیرو گرفتن empowered by
نوادگان درجه یک او his immediate grandchildern
Entered by: Ebrahim Golavar
چراغدار Trailblazer / Pathfinder
مفصّل elaborate/extensive
مهاجرخیز Migrant-sending
مخازن resources, sources
مد باصطلاح so-called fashion/vogue
Entered by: Mahdieh Kandoei
مرور review
مردمی popular, public
Entered by: Ebrahim Golavar
معینی specific/certain
معرفت شناسانه epistemological
Entered by: Farzad Akmali
افسون گرى bewitching
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
انقلاب از بالا Revolution from above
اتمام حجّت ultimatum; final word/declaration
ادعای انتقاد claiming to be critical of...
از کردن چیزی ابا کردن to refrain from doing something; to refuse to do something
از آن روست که is because
Entered by: Hossein Emami
اساطيركهن را به گوش گهواره ها لالايي سر مي دهند ... lullabying anient myths to cradle ears
Entered by: Hossein Emami
استفاده ابزارى instrumental use
Entered by: Bashir Baqi
بواقع In fact, really
بناهاي سنگي كه بر پيكره خاك سايه مي افكنند stone buildings casting their shadows on the earth
Entered by: Hossein Emami
به گفته‌ی according to/as stated by
به خود to itself
به طور خاص specifically
به‌جا گذاشتن leave (for others)
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