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Farsi (Persian) to English Idioms / Maxims / Sayings Translation Glossary

Farsi (Persian) term English translation
لجش گرفته to get pissed off
آب كه سربالا بره، قورباغه ابوعطا مي‌خونه When pigs fly!
در دلش میریخت to keep one\'s emotions/feeling bottled up
در ذات خدا In God\'s Essence
صابون کسی به تن خوردن Do harm to/inflict harm on somebody
dastetoon dard nakoneh More power to your elbow!/More power to you!
Harke ro tavus khahad, jur-e hendustan keshad He that would have fruit must climb the tree
It\'s an ill wind that blows no good. در هر شری خیری نهفته است/هیچ بدی نیست که نتوان در آن خوبی یافت
Khoda rahmatesh kone May God have mercy on him
Man fatehasham miferestam I will recite Fatiha for him
Smoke and mirrors دغل بازی
Entered by: Salman Rostami
to cap/crown/top it all (off) بدتر از همه اینکه....
يه آشي براش پخت كه يه وجب روغن رويش بود to fix someone\'s wagon
يا رومي روم، يا زنگي زنگ either totally Roman or totally Zanzibari
فلان فلان شده blankety-blank
فلزش خراب است bad to the bone
فضولی موقوف keep your nose out!
Entered by: Neda Namvar Kohan
کینه مردم ایران مثل کینه شتر است the Iranian people hold long-lasting grudges (lit. "the Iranian people's grudges are like those of the camel")
کلوخانداز را پاداش سنگ است One who throws a clod deserves to be hit by a stone
کلاه تقی سر نقی گذاشتن to rob Peter to pay Paul.
کنایه figurative(ly)
کاه از خودت نیست کاهدون از تسوت don\'t stuff yourself just because the food is free
کار نیکو کردن از پر کردن است Practice makes perfect
کاسه ای زیر نیم کاسه است I smell a rat; there's something fishy going on
کباده کش athlete / sportsman / gymnast /
Entered by: Neda Namvar Kohan
کبریت بی خطر wouldn't hurt a fly
کبریت بیخطر wouldn\'t hurt a fly
کسی را تنها گیر آوردن corner, court
گيرانداختن to catch / be caught
گیر دادن to betray, disclose
گوش فلک را كر کردن to make a great fuss over something, to lay it on thick
گوش شیطان کر knock on wood (used to prevent the "evil eye")
گندش در نیآید so that the shit doesn\'t hit the fan
گر همه Whatever you do, it is your own doing even if all of it is good or bad
گر به من دست بزنی، دستتو زود پس میزنی You touch me, and you'll touch off soon (lit., "Touch me and your hand will quickly recoil")
پيش پا before; in front of
Entered by: Hossein Emami
پیراسته pure
پیش قاضی و ملق بازی You can't teach grandma to suck eggs
پوست کلفت thick-skinned
Entered by: Ahmad Kabiri
پته كسي را روي آب انداختن to spill the beans, to air someone's dirty laundry
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