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Farsi (Persian) to English Law: Contract(s) Translation Glossary

Farsi (Persian) term English translation
customs گمرک
Entered by: Farzad Akmali
Do & -do- ایضأ؛ همچنین (ditto)
Elevator pitch نطق آسانسوری
Entered by: Salman Rostami
کف برروی عرصه و مشمول قانون بوده The floor area shall be within the building line and subject to the said law/restrictions
کم کردن سهام to reduce/decrease the shares
Entered by: Farzad Akmali
کاشف از اعتبار عقد realization of the validity of the contract
Entered by: Armineh Johannes
گواهی پایان کار Construction Completion Certificate
Entered by: Mohammad Reza Razaghi
گواهی عدم افراز Non-partition certificate
گروه grade/grade level/grade code
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
پی به پی foundation to the foundation
واحد ابلاغ شماره ملی national ID number issuing unit
قاعده تسليط Absolute legal power of the owner to exercise control over property
هو المولف بین القلوب It is He who reconciles/unites the hearts
مگر در شرط خلاف unless otherwise is agreed/provided
مقرین deponent/affiant
Entered by: Mohammad Ghaffari
مناقصه گزار و کارفرما "Client" for both
مابذل مهریه Bestowed (Marriage) Portion
مبلغ حق امتیاز royalty
متبوع respective
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
مرتهنين mortgagees, pledgees, holders of a mortgage
مع اواسطه به موجب سند قطعی with intermediaries based on the final document
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
معلق علیه the event (condition) in a conditional contract
Entered by: Armineh Johannes
معاملات فضولی unauthorized transactions
معاملات وثيقه اي secured transactions
معادل با equal to
مصالح و متصالح grantor and and grantee
مصادیق حقوقی Legal examples مصادیق حقوقی
اقرارنامه زوجه the wife's affidavit
الحاقیه قرارداد addendum to contract
Entered by: Hossein Emami
انشاء نشده not stipulated in writing/in the written contract
Entered by: Armineh Johannes
احقاق realization (of financial rights)
اخذ می گردد is charged/received/collected
Entered by: Ehsan Alipour
ادا شده pronounced
ارفاقي supplemental/bonus/extra
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
ارکان pillar
Entered by: Farzad Akmali
بیمه کردن to insure
بنا به اقراره written admission/affidavit/declaration
به اِزاي against/per
به عرض می رساند this is to inform you that...
Entered by: Ehsan Alipour
با مطالعه پرونده ثبتی پلاک مورد تقاضا Having reviewed/studied the registration file of the lot under application
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