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Farsi (Persian) to English Poetry & Literature Translation Glossary

Farsi (Persian) term English translation
شعله ور سازد set alight
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
فداي سرت! dont worry/doesnt matter/never mind
گذر پوست به دباغ خانه مي‌افتد! بي راه نگفته‌ان at length the fox is brought to the furrier
یا لااقل or at least
هر چند وقت every now and then, sometimes, occasionally
هرطور شده however it happened/came out
میتوان بودن can be
Entered by: Hossein Emami
معنی جای میدهد \"means \'a place\'\"
از کنار هر کس I will kill whoever lets it get past/by him
از کسی شاخو کشیدن Get off someone\'s back
بالی حاکم کارگزینی کل who could say anything about...?
حق فنی نظامت مدرسه assistant principal's allowance
Entered by: Edward Plaisance Jr
سرودستی برای این کار بشکند prepared to exert the neccessary effort to secure the principle's position...
غش كردن sing from the same hymn sheet
! او فکر کرد که مرغ دوستش یک پا دارد he thought that his friend is pig-headed
Entered by: Ebrahim Golavar
'english to farsi' and 'english to persian' آنگلیسی به فارسی
'عبودیت محض' downright servantitude
. خون خونشان را می خورد Their blood was boiling.
...نقش is like...
5 ganj treasures
amlaahe badan mineral
Ammar dare in khak this land has faithful men (like Ammar)
arezooye kham A vain wish
bahre moteghareb Convergent poetcial measure/metre, Convergent type of poetcial measure/metre
Entered by: Hossein Emami
bar khod hamvaar kardan to take upon oneself/to bear
chaahaar pareh tetrastich
daane daane knot by knot/piece by piece
Delam mesle siro serke mijosheدلم مثل سیر و سرکه میجوشه I have butterflies in my stomach
divan collection of poems
Gol e khandan keh nakhandad cheh konad...\"?! What can a luaghing flower do if it does not laugh?
golshane raz flowerbed of secrets
gozide-ye aayaat Selection of verses
haft orang seven skies
He started putting up داشت دستشو بالا میبرد
He thought that funny به نظرش بانمک/بامزه آمد-- به نظرش آمد بانمک/بامزه است
hekmi philosophical
hekmi va ghenaei philosophical and inductive
history of individual Iranian ethnic communities تاریخ تک تک/منحصرفرد جوامع قومی ایرانی
Entered by: Bashir Baqi
idioms اصطلاحات
Entered by: Saifollah Mollaei
javabe mano nadari you don't have an answer for me
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