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French to English Accounting Translation Glossary

French term English translation
**Provisions pour reconstitution gisements miniers et pétroliers** mineral and petroleum depletion allowances
actualisation au coût du capital, discounting using the cost of capital
intérêts de participation dividend income and interest
"comptabilité bancaire" and "entraîner" bank account(s) and contains
"mouvementer" avec contrepartie le compte fournisseur individuel (et collectif) is registered on ...., with the cross entry/booking on the supplier's individual account (and on the control/(or)collective acco
"vu fds" funds seen
(Compenser des trop perçus) équilibrés compensating balances
Entered by: Conor McAuley
(garantie salar. non-resor) guarantee for employees not from France
(Plus-value sur éléments non amortissables) reçus en apport capital gains on non-amortizable and non-depreciable items received as an asset contribution
Entered by: Gary Key
(provision) grand arrêt (provision for) statutory plant shutdown for maintenance
Entered by: Conor McAuley
... absorbée et absorbante merged and merging
30 jours decade 30 days starting at the end of the current 10-day period
5500 Cplt AF R>1.6 SMIC Item 5500: Additional Family Allowance contributions for income above 1.6 times the French minimum wage
Entered by: Conor McAuley
A 1 an au plus due within one year
Entered by: Sp and Fr to En
AAI (des constructions) fixtures fittings and equipment
Entered by: Conor McAuley
abandon de créances debt write-off
Abondt brut Gross deposit
Entered by: Paula Price
accompagnement lors des trimestres quarter-end support
Entered by: Tony M
Achats consommés Purchases consumed
achats mp king crabe Matières Premières
acompte permanent set up a regular payment schedule
Actionnaires redevables de libération Shareholders liable for calls payable; [on a winding-up] contributories
activation des déficits convert deficits into assets
Entered by: David Hollywood
activités non conservées discontinued operations
Entered by: JabTrad
activités pérennes ongoing activities
Entered by: JabTrad
admise au passif included as a debt {on the co.'s statement of affairs}
admission en non valeur debt recovery suspension/debt write-off
Adondement employer's contributions to company's saving scheme
Affairantes typo for afférentes? related
AFFECTATION DU LOGEMENT A L’HABITATION PRINCIPALE designation of the dwelling as their principal/primary residence
Entered by: B D Finch
AGS Assurance pour la Garantie des Salaires
Entered by: Joan Berglund
aides fiscales à l’innovation dans les entreprises tax incentives for business innovation or tax incentives for innovation in enterprises
amortissement depreciation or amortization
Entered by: TechLawDC
amortissement de caducité impairment depreciation / write-down
amortissement des survaleurs goodwill amortization
amortissements réputés différés deferred income tax charges
Entered by: Yolanda Broad
amortissements retenus depreciated at
Entered by: Yolanda Broad
amortissements techniques depreciation on account of wear and tear
analytique analytical account / analytical data management
annexe redactionnelle narrative appendix
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