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French to English Education / Pedagogy Translation Glossary

French term English translation
Ancrer sa vision dans le temps establish a time frame for the vision
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
Borne du jeu du tri Waste recycling interactive kiosk game
concours scolaires et professionnelles Direction des examens et concours scolaires et professionnelles (Office of examinations and professional/school competitive entrance examinations.)
jury de thèse Thesis defence examining committee
jury mémoire thesis/ dissertation committee
Mettre en place des comportements empathiques. Introduce empathy-driven behaviour
Entered by: NancyLynn
nous postulons see the diagram prior to your sentence
Entered by: Lara Barnett
Pratiquer des délégations responsabilisantes Delegate to empower
Entered by: NancyLynn
régime des étudiants program of studies
"Arts et Métiers" ENSAM
"champs du visible" fields of the visible
"chercheurs à gages" "mercenaries of the mind" / "research mercenaries"
'avec développement de licences' with new degree courses under development
'DVE' DE CONAKRY Direction de l'Éducation de la Ville= Education Directorate for the Town of Conakry (School Board)
'vaut ce que de droit' valid for legal purpose
(quota de) messagerie messaging
...d’en effectuer des mesures pures. To take their true measure, to obtain measurements that aren't skewed/obtain objective measurements
Entered by: Helene Tammik
1ère candidature first year of study
1er cycle (France) undergraduate course/studies/program/degree (U.S.)
1TS, 2TS 1st and 2nd year of "technical baccalaureate"
2ème année du cycle collegial second year of secondary school studies
3A EN Third Year: Electronics and Signal Processing
Entered by: liz askew
3eme 1 Year 10
Entered by: EirTranslations
4ème A2 8th grade class A2
5ème de collège française the equivalent of the 2nd year of lower secondary school (Junior High (US)) in France
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
5G 5G = 5ème Générale
a subi avec succès les épreuves de competences professionnelles de niveau Option Cuisine has passed the professional skills examinations of culinary option
a.s. assistante sociale
Abbreviation Travaux experimentaux - Lab work /Practical work
ABJ (absence justifiée) justified absence
Académie d'Inscription School district
Académie Gestion Administrative Education District
ACADÉMIE DE GESTION Central Registrar / Central Administration
Acces étape incomplete
accompagnement rééducatif en libéral private learning support
Entered by: Carol Gullidge
accomplir un mandat de directrice adjointe to appoint (as) assistant director of
accueil scolaire facilitate intake of new students/manage student admissions and orientation
accueillir leurs élèves teach their pupils effectively/meet their pupils needs
Entered by: Stéphanie Soudais
Acq-Base basic/core/essential courses/curriculum
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