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French to English Energy / Power Generation Translation Glossary

French term English translation
au passage d'une gestion administrative communale a transfer/move away from a local government-managed system...
chambre de coupure arc chute; interrupter chamber
déflecteurs d\'huile oil diverters / distributors
Entered by: Peter Field
Frais d\'étude Design costs
les condamnations physiques des organes consignés physical lockout
pose sans enfilage threadless mounting
puissance installée apparente nominale apparent, etc.
puits à turbines turbine pit
tout venant quarry-run gravel
U = same as V (stands for 'tension') U = same as V (stands for 'voltage')
Entered by: Tony M
" saisir d'office ou etre saisie..." ... can intervene of its own accord or be required to do so by ...
Entered by: Gwynneth George
(les données sont) agrégées dans une plateforme are all located/collected in one place
100% de secours 100% backup / fully backed up
40% de UN 40% of Un
Entered by: EirTranslations
acheminement transmission/distribution
Entered by: Paul Stevens
acier noir passivé passivated black (mild) steel (BMS)
Entered by: Tony M
Agences de représentation principales Main agencies representing (or acting as agents for) the company
Entered by: Mari O'Keefe
AGL (arret garanti long) guaranteed long-term shutdown
agrès equipment
Entered by: Etienne Wallace
alarme équipant le départ alarm device fitted to the outgoing feeder
Alimentation par enrouleur power supply cable reel
Alimentations Electriques de Sécurité (AES) safety (function) power supply
allocations d'indisponibilité outage time
amorçage interne à la masse internal leak to ground / earth
Entered by: EirTranslations
angle de goutte contact angle
appairage pairing
apports calorifiques heat sources
apports d'intensité de court circuit the contribution of short-circuit currents
Entered by: Tony M
armoire de puissance de régulation power regulation cabinet
Armoires de tranche generating unit/control panel cabinet/locker
armoires tertiaires basse tension LV sub-distribution boards / cabinets
arrêt en dehors des relances stop(s) apart from restarts
arrivée et départ des conducteurs incoming and outgoing lines/conductors
Entered by: silviantonia
assainissements énergétiques energy overhaul
atelier d’énergie power supply unit
Entered by: Irene S.
atteinte physique à l’intégrité physically tampering with
attestation de mise sous régime request for OHSA lockout
Entered by: Paul Stevens
au capital enitierement detenu the entire share capital is held/owned by the two towns
au cas où il n'est pas donné suite à la remise en ordre de l'installation in the event no action has been taken to rectify the situation (as a result of the visit)
Entered by: silviantonia
au dernier alinéa applicable according to the final clause/parapgraph (of the contract) relevant to ...
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