The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

French to English Food & Drink Translation Glossary

French term English translation
bretelle backstrap
Entered by: Don Green
corolles apéritives filo tartlets
PÔLES GOURMANDS (sample) tasting stands
(eau de) coulage water (used for making the bread dough)
Entered by: Don Green
4ème gamme ready-to-use
Entered by: Paula Price
< TU2 < TU2 (e-marking terms - product weight / quantity tolerances)
Entered by: Conor McAuley
a nos quatre volontes caters to all our needs
acheteur en épicerie fine sucrée gourmet confectionery buyer
Entered by: Simon Cole
ADT = Affinage de Tradition traditionally aged
agissant à froid et par voie sèche the freeze-drying process
Entered by: Conor McAuley
agri/Agro agriculture and food processing
aide directe laitière (ADL) direct aids to dairy farmers
aiguillettes strips of duck tenderloin
Entered by: Tony M
aillette fresh garlic shoots
Alégations et représentations graphiques sur le packaging Claims and Illustrations (appearing) on the packaging
Entered by: Conor McAuley
alcoolodrome alcohol storage area
alginate de sodium sodium alginate
aliments frais en salade prêts à consommer chilled ready-to-eat salads
Entered by: Wendy Cummings
Aller et retour à la moelle de bœuf beef marrow, rare/very lightly cooked
alvéolage air holes
alvéoles (moulded) insert / chocolate tray. More precise: 12 (or other number) cavity tray
Américano maison House Americano
amont agricole agricultural production
ampoule vial
aplat d'emballage packaging design layout
Entered by: katieker
aponévroses connective tissue/aponeuroses
applications alimentaires food uses
arabica lavés (café) washed Arabica (coffee)
ardence sharpness, vividness, fieryness, intensity
arrondi rounded off
artisanat commercial artisan food sector
artisans de bouche culinary artisans
as de carreau plastic packaging scraps/cuttings
ASF aged/matured in plastic film (affiné sous film)
Entered by: Susan McDonald
aspect frondeur revolutionary / trailblazing aspect
assaisonnements non traités natural or chemically untreated seasonings
Entered by: NancyLynn
au froid négatif stored (at a temperature) below 0°C
Entered by: Paula Price
Audit d'agreage compliance audit
auxiliaires technologiques manufacturing aids
avant-produits ingredients
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