The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

French to English Government / Politics Translation Glossary

French term English translation
certaines compétences communes certain shared powers
Entered by: Yolanda Broad
certificat d'hébergement de complaisance bogus accomodation certificate
Cette version n’a qu’une valeur documentaire. This version is only intended for use as documentation tool
Ceux dits de l’opposition Members of the Opposition
Chambre des Métiers Chamber of Trades
champs primaires primary fields
change de statut changing positions
chaque catégorie de collectivités each type of authority
Entered by: EirTranslations
chérifien / chérifienne sharifian, chorfa
Entered by: Janet Ross Snyder
Chef de Cabinet du Président chief of staff
choix collectif careful and organized collectif choice
choix de société to choose the kind of society one wants to live in
Entered by: Conor McAuley
CIP Certificat d\'Identification Professionnelle
citadinité urban citizenship
Classe politique Political leadership
clefs de lecture keys to an informed reading
clefs de remboursements garantis provisions to guarantee repayment
CNAR Centre national d'appui et de ressources National Support and Resource Centre
Entered by: Karen Stokes
CNDP (Commission Nationale du Débat Public) National Public Hearings Commission
collège échevinal college of mayor and aldermen
Collège de sages Council of elders
Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins College of Mayor and Aldermen
Entered by: EirTranslations
Collectif des organisations de masse et de partis politiques (Coalition/Confederation) of Grassroots Organizations and Political Parties
Collectivités local authorities
collectivités territoriales local authorities
Entered by: Conor McAuley
collectivités Territoriales décentralisées devolved/decentralised territorial administrations
combler to complete
Comparison between EN FR versions ...
compétence d'objet subject-matter jurisdiction ; competence of an entity/body ratione materiae
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
Compte rendu synthétique Summary Report
Entered by: Yolanda Broad
comptes extérieurs external accounts; (external balance of payments)
concertateur those involved
conditionner son soutien set prerequisites for their support to...
conditions légales de peuplement et de salubrité legal standards/conditions concerning sanitation and space/occupancy
conflits sociaux industrial disputes
Conseil général Departmental council
conseiller du prince privy council
Conseiller-maître en service extraordinaire à la Cour des comptes Judge at the French National Accounting Court, nominated by the Government
considérant les nécessités de service according/subject to the exigencies of the service
Entered by: Eric Heuberger
consignation isolation (of a hazard)
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