The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

French to English Textiles / Clothing / Fashion Translation Glossary

French term English translation
avec relâches d’aisance inverted pleats
Entered by: Philippa Smith
Bas volet intérieur dos: (under) covered flap at the back
pour militer avec charme ...amour for protesting adorably in support of love
tombé drape / the way it falls
zeste libertin libertine-style
"au tenon 'décroché'" end pieces that stand out
Entered by: Gayle Wallimann
"contract-hôtellerie" contract/hospitality [fabrics industry]
"cuir pleine fleur" Full-grain leather
(adj.) fin in a more subtle way
(boutiques) multimarques multibrand stores
(l'art du) bourdon bourdon embroidery
(un plaisir) décliné jusqu'au (a treat) that comes in sizes up to
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
**question sur les charades** My first is .... my second ..... is my whole is .... -OR- I am....
aérienne/aérée airy/floating/floaty
abdique forsakes
abouti accomplished
Académique en coton lycra bicolore marron et jaune taille 40 / T1 Justaucorps académid=que, Leotard/unitard
Entered by: Martine Brault
accommoder combine/coordinate
aiguilletée needle-punched
Entered by: liz askew
aller se rhabiller can just button themselves up
Entered by: B D Finch
aller-retour machine back stitching
allure tendue trim
allures de masque with an ethnic design
aménagement intérieur Interior design
Entered by: Lara Barnett
animations (objects not events!) decorations / patterns / decorated patterns
Entered by: David BUICK
anti-capilarité moisture-wicking / anti-wicking
aplats géométriques geometrical blocks of colour
Aplomb d\'un vêtement Balance
arbre à corseterie lingerie display stand
Entered by: Jane Phillips
armures à longues jetées-sous (long) warp-face weave/fabric/armure
Entered by: Neal Allen
armures reliefées textured fabrics or raised weaves
attache forfait pass holder
Entered by: JCEC
au beau tombé which hangs/falls so beautifully/nicely/well
au point cocotte bridging stitch; decorative stitch[ing]
Entered by: Victoria Porter-Burns
au porter on wearer\'s [left/right]...
Entered by: Rimas Balsys
au sein de la sihouette essential to the silhouette
aune de drap ell
aux petites hanches at the upper hip
aux plus grandes de la porter joliment décolletée aux épaules to permit/allow taller/larger women a pretty way to reveal ther shoulders
avec de la tenue with body
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