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Italian to English Cinema, Film, TV, Drama Translation Glossary

Italian term English translation
cinetelevisive TV and cinema (productions)
mangia le immagini del libro con gli occhi to devour the book's images with his eyes
sit-com commerciale branded sitcom
Entered by: Lara Barnett
una nuova reinterpretazione di un grande classic new interpretation of a great classic
Entered by: Yvonne Gallagher
"A famiglia in giallo" A family made for mystery
"Canti di Scena" "Songs for the Stage"
"punto di vista" narrative role può entrare in contatto fin dal suo nascere... you can get into contact ... right from the start
Entered by: Fiona Gonçalves
..cominciò a parlare prendendola molto alla lontana.. ..started to speak, approaching the subject in a very roundabout way
Entered by: Tom in London
a riprova di un conquistato ritegno ad abbandonarsi testifies to a mature inclination towards restraint rather than overflowing sentimentality
Entered by: Fiona Grace Peterson
a valere su in accordance/compliance with, pursuant to
accelerazione temporale with/in a flashforward
Entered by: Raffaella Panigada
affinita' di linguaggio when it comes to communication, we're on the same wavelength
affresco sulla Grande Storia The grand sweep of history
aiuto operatore camera second assistant / clapper boy / second assistant cameraman
Entered by: Daniela Zambrini
albertiana Alberti\'s window
Entered by: Peter Cox
allargare l\\\'inquadratura zoom out
americane elettriche electric truss/batten
Entered by: Graham Clarke
andare in loop loop automatically/replay automatically.
anno una valutazione migliore will get a better reception
antimattatoriale eschewing celebrity actors
Entered by: philgoddard
armeggeria celebration, arms exercise or celebratory tournament
arrampicarsi sugli specchi negotiating a hall of mirrors
Entered by: Fiona Grace Peterson
assunzione V livello contratto metalmeccanico Level 5 metalworking and mechanical engineering industry employment contract
Entered by: Angela Arnone
atelier dei 200 200 workshop
attaccare con un valzer and then strikes up a waltz
autore delle luci cinematographer
autorialità authorality
Avvocato Avvocato
Entered by: Tom in London
“orientata” biased
baciamo le mani my respects!
balilla balilla
Banda Bassotti Beagle Boys
battere il pugno to fist bump
Entered by: simon tanner
bocconcino del re a royal morsel
borgata Roman "borgata"
Entered by: Giuseppe Bellone
bravissima nel contraltare recitativamente con la sua versatilita attoriale her exceptional delivery/interplay/interaction is due to her versatile acting skills
Entered by: Rosanna Palermo
buco dump / pit (or the pits)
Entered by: Ivana UK
buco nell'acqua I think we're wasting our time/we're at a dead end
cambiare specchio to turn the tables
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