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Italian to English Medical: Pharmaceuticals Translation Glossary

Italian term English translation
fisiologico trofismo del microcircolo normal microcirculation / microvascular function / blood-tissue exchanges / tissue perfusion
Entered by: Vincent Lemma
per contrastare il vomito da cisplatino. Prevention of cisplatin-induced (nausea and) vomiting
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
regime di fornitura national distribution system
via via minore gradual decrease/reduction
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
"CIOMs inviati da PPD (Pharamaceutical Product Development Inc) PVG" Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS)
% p/p % w/w
Entered by: EirTranslations
(cfr attachment.5) confronta - see
(massiccia) sostituzione volemica (high) volume therapy
(prezzo) realizzo industria industry sales (price)
(se lei fosse) idoneo should you be deemed eligible//meet the study eligibility criteria
Entered by: Emanuela Galdelli
10 ds 10 dose
12-acetilacteina 12-acetylactein
4-metilesculetolo 4-methylesculetol
a cavallo di in tandem with
a deposito completato after complete deposition
Entered by: EirTranslations
a priori definitely
a servizio to the benefit
a titolo noto with/having known titre
Entered by: EirTranslations
a.e.c. education and cultural assistant
Entered by: Cedric Randolph
A/C (autorizzazzione commerciale) marketing authorisation
AB antibiotici - antibiotics
ABS/10g Abs/10g
Accoleit, Betadine (polivinilpirrolidone) Accolate, Betadine (polyvinylpyrrolidone)
Entered by: Lamprini Kosma
acetamidobenzolo acetamidobenzoic acid salt
Entered by: liz askew
acido 6-gigngesulfonico 6-gingesulfonic acid/6-gingesulphonic acid
acido oleanolico oleanolic acid
acido ossalico oxalic acid
acido pivalico pivalic acid
Entered by: texjax DDS PhD
acqua di torre tower water
acqua esente da particelle R particle-free water R
Entered by: Federica Borgini
acqua fontis -> aqua fontis (lat.) -> spring water (-> tap water?)
ACQUA PPI WFI grade water
acque ricche rich liquor
acufene tinnitus
Adeguamento normativo regulatory compliance
adeguato la proceduta adjusted its procedures
adenocarcinoma in adenoma tubulo villoso del colon dx adenocarcinoma in tubulovillous adenoma of the right colon
adsorbito su disco adsorbed on the disk
Entered by: EirTranslations
agarico-resinoidi agaricol resinoids
Entered by: Michele Fauble
agenti di composizione farmaceuticamente accettabili pharmaceutically acceptable formulation agents
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