The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Italian to English Ships, Sailing, Maritime Translation Glossary

Italian term English translation
carico del gommato embarking vehicles
copertura assicurativa Corpo e Macchine Hull & Machinery Insurance
grande promiscuità con il mare intimate interpenetration/(inter)mingling with the sea
Entered by: Janice Giffin
operaio trattorista tractor driver (worker)
sotto coperta below deck
stringere il vento sail close to the wind
Entered by: Wolfgang Dr. Hager
"fuori fasciame" & "gola dei madieri" out planking - throat of floors
2° Capo Np. Second in charge (2IC)
Entered by: Olga Buongiorno
8 lunghezze in acqua 8 hull lengths
Entered by: Isabelle Johnson
acqua imbarcata o acqua d'imbarco bilge water
Entered by: Daniela Zambrini
ala poppiera aft foil
Entered by: philgoddard
alberetto fly flybridge (flying bridge) mast
Entered by: Ilaria A. Feltre
albero con camicia continua fully lined/with continuous liner tailshaft
Entered by: Cinzia Michelis
albero dei segnali signal mast
albero maggiorato tall rig mast
Albero portaelica Cn, Dr, Sn central, right, left tail shaft
albero protaelica propeller shaft
alla rada in the roadsted
Entered by: Ivana UK
alla via così! steady on! / steady as she goes
Entered by: Daniela Zambrini
alterno-simmetria alternate-symmetry
altezza di costruzione mo(u)lded depth
altezza puntale depth/headroom
Entered by: Daniela Zambrini
altezza puntuale pillar
altoparlanti manuali megaphone
altrettanti “ponti” a parità di lunghezza as much deck space as motor yachts of the same length
andare di bolina larga to sail a close reach
andatura close reach
angolo di bolina upwind angle
Entered by: Fiona Grace Peterson
annessi posti-barca associated moorings
Entered by: EirTranslations
apertura a fasciame Hull planking/plating opening
appendice (boat) appendages
approfondire la conoscenza (di qualcuno) get better acquainted (with someone)
Entered by: Giuseppe Bellone
approvvigionamento provisioning
aragostiera americana American lobster boat
area esterna di bordo open deck area
armata a nave full rigged ship
ascolto radio VHF radio watch
assenti There are no stabilisers
Entered by: Cedric Randolph
assetto di navigazione sailing trim
Attracco mooring, docking, drawing alongside...
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