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Japanese to English Automotive / Cars & Trucks Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
$B4D6-@-G=(B environmental performance
Entered by: conejo
$B5lBVG3$?$k>u67(B old/unchanged conditions
Entered by: Troy Fowler
起爆 & 非起爆 deploy / not deploy (SWITCH PART OF SPEECH)
"ウァヌアツ共和国" the Republic of Vanuatu
100台抜き Overtook 100 cars
2直化 2nd shift OR switching to 2 shifts
42.47(欠け) 42.47(missing data)
Entered by: Naoki Watanabe
4等配巾5 quadrisected width of notch: 5 (mm?)
Entered by: Troy Fowler
AFMの焼きつき Burned-out AFM
加工目残し machined surface mark
加熱押し出し hot extrusion
Entered by: Nobuo Kawamura
原動 engine / motor power
たわみ断面高さ deflected section height
Entered by: casey
くい込む継手部 interlocking connection part
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
その半分の容量に対するクーラント必要量の2倍を注入 Put in 2 x the necessary amount of coolant required for half the capacity of the system
ひげ抜き removal of spew
側溝掘 ditch excavation
Entered by: cinefil
へたり sag, loss of resilience
へたり Worn
けがき線 guide line, scribe line, marking-off line
Entered by: casey
かぶり fouling
Entered by: Troy Fowler
かぶり気味 spark plug fouling
からくり "Tricks" or "innovative techniques"
Entered by: Troy Fowler
せん断熱 shear heat OR shear-heat
Entered by: Troy Fowler
すでにトレンド化しています has already developed into a trend
Entered by: conejo
半勘合 half-fitted
号試設変再防 Prevent the reoccurrence of problems with design changes in trial production
Entered by: conejo
取常執 Managing director and Executive Officer
取り揃えて offer
吹け上がり the way the engine revs up
Entered by: conejo
同一方向に退出路が存在する場合 if/when there is an exit (path) in the same direction
合わせ代 fitting allowance
合成空気中 in the synthetic air
塑加工内作化 in-house deformation processing
売り上げを立てる・売りをたてる to post a journal entry for sale of something
外乱 disturbance
変動幅 range
変速段とギヤ段 gear position
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
子ボード daughterboard
定積 rated load
Entered by: conejo
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