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Japanese to English Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
野村鳴夫 :Meaning of this term Nomura Naruo
...細胞であって...細胞。 Those cells being COS-1 cells which were transfected with bcl-2, and which were deposited as FERMP-15808.
力学物性とZKP繊維構造の関係 Relation between mechanical properties and structure of ZKP fiber
基質合成能 substrate synthesis ability
なり得る Could
孵化間近の生殖巣 gonadal [region] of an [embryo] in near hatching stage
Entered by: Natalya Zelikova
対照 control
上流で作用 する肥満細胞(MC)の活性化を制御する control the activation of mast cells (MC) acting upstream
Entered by: Vladyslav Golovaty
交雑性 Hybridisation (or DNA-DNA Hybridisation)
以降 downstream
Entered by: Kieran Bradley
チェンバ chamber
Entered by: Natalya Zelikova
バテ法 Patty method
レンズ装用試験 (contact) lens trial
ヘパトサルファレイン®注 HEPATOSULFALEIN®injection
ツーヨン thujone
ドープ中で相分離を径てa-PBが折出すること precipitation of a-Pb via phase separation in the dope
ウミギク貝 spiny/thorny oyster
エルバージュ yellow powder/Japanese yellow powder
カプスリゲナム capsuligenum
サキシマヌマ Sakishima Rice Frog
唯一 merely, solely, only
動物愛護法 (動物の保護及び管理に関する法律) Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals
固相 solid phase
倍率とび(視野とび) Sudden/abrupt changes of magnification (or of the field of view)
第14肋骨過剰形成 excessive formation of the fourteenth rib
素精製状態の核酸 rough extractd nucleic acid
生体維持 life support [sustaining]
生体性結合成分標識抗体 bioaffinity-labeled antibody
Entered by: Kara ph.D.
生態影響試験実施に関する基準 Eco-toxicity test standards
相分離開始温度 initial temperature of phase separation process
適用申請有り Applicants have filed
非軍発性放射能 nonvolatile radioactivity (非揮発性放射能)
順位行動 dominant/subordinant behavior; dominance behavior
類縁タンパク質 analogous protein
Entered by: cinefil
被鱗体長 Body length/scale length
親和性 affinity
Entered by: cinefil
軟骨辺縁 Cartilage margin
蓄積させること enables accumulate
自班の脳波計 your own group's EEGs
Entered by: David Patrick
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