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Japanese to English Business/Commerce (general) Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
$B2q<R$"$j$-(B (Concept of) the corporation above all else
Entered by: SLMorales
$BFbDj<0(B Welcome ceremony for prospective employees
Entered by: SLMorales
不良債権受け皿会社 bad bank
Entered by: conejo
豪子会社 Australian subsidiary
Entered by: conejo
"ヘルスチェック" health check
Entered by: Germaine A Hoston
...の間に割り印を押す Imprint the seal so that it overlaps...
1式 1 set
30 取引日 30 trading days
3環状道路 the three loop roads connecting the Greater Tokyo Area
Entered by: casey
3直フル full-time operation, three shifts per day
5年間無償修理特約 5 Year "No Cost" Extended Warranty
95日サイトの一括信託で 95 days after sight of factoring
劣勢を強いる (forced to) be put in the underdog position
基本金見合い an amount equivalent to the endowment
Entered by: David Patrick
原体験 formative experiences
Entered by: Kornelia Robertson
原則公開 ...'as a rule' will hold open meetings...
おごっている insensitive, inconsiderate
Entered by: conejo
お疲れ様です。 (Strike it)
たるい sub-par
その割には実質と合っていない。 disproportionate to the (poor) quality of the (Department's) output (/results/substance, etc).
その賛否を議場に諮ったところ after discussions regarding this approval/transfer
Entered by: David Patrick
とまどる てまどる・手間取る
Entered by: conejo
ともかく (in specific context) apart from ...; aside from ...; not to mention ...
Entered by: conejo
に並ぶ on par with, in line with
Entered by: conejo
に則して -based on
に恵まれる have the advantage of
ひとづくり developing people, building human talent
ひざ突き合わせて face to face
停滞品 Non-moving inventory
こぢんまり modest, simple
かじを切る change direction (radically)
Entered by: conejo
かかる取り決め this agreement
Entered by: casey
すり合わせ Coordination, fine-tune
Entered by: Troy Fowler
すり合わせ会議 Verification meeting
反社会的勢力対応部署 Crime Prevention Division / Division for Social Order / Criminal Due Diligence Division
Entered by: Troy Fowler
取引有力 top client, top customer
取り込み purchased
取締役付役員 Representative directors
受け皿 liaison, assignment recipient, acceptance mechanism
受託契約 Outsourcing Agreement
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