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Japanese to English General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
1/10セイカツ living on 10 percent
劇場公開時ベース based at the time of the release
厚の子 (a) child of Atsushi
おもたせ gift (usually of food) when visiting someone's house
Entered by: conejo
ずらかう Get the heck outta here (vulgar)
お願い a polite notification, not directly please
Entered by: Kim Carlson Tadenuma
そう来なくちゃ That\'s what I\'m talking about !
それっきゃねい there is only this/ there is nothing but
ちょっとワクワク気分 A Touch of Bliss
つい口ずさんでしまう Start humming (singing) to oneself without thinking
Entered by: conejo
とことこ Clip-clop
とんだ三枚目 terrible joker
どうこう言うレベル not on a par with winner's level
はめ込み合成写真 inlaid composite image
Entered by: conejo
ぶしつけなるご招待をご容赦ください please disregard ...
ぷるるん supple
またまた、なんも出ないよ Flattery will get you nowhere
みそこのうたわいッ! disappointed
しばらく張り付きます I will be there until the goal is accomplished.
しかけ mechanism or scheme
しゃあねえよ I can\'t help it/there\'s nothing I can do/I have no choice
さやけし clear, bright, fresh, refreshing, crystal-clear.....
Entered by: conejo
すべりまくる slip up big time
博希 Hiroki
取引業者 partner
壊れ果てた completely ruined/destroyed
大分駅バス5分停歩4分 5 minutes by bus from Oita Station and then 4 minutes by walking [on foot]
天下の桜田門 the holy Metropolitan Police
妖怪をやったり…鬼をやったり picking monsters and ogres as main themes
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
定時・総合 regular general TV (programs)
Entered by: conejo
対象製品 products covered by the agreement
Entered by: David Higbee
小学校高学年 Upper grade in Elementary school
尻目に while
屈す submit to, yield, give in, be defeated by
巡り involved
差分マニュアル difference manual
差入証 proof of submission
Entered by: Yumico Tanaka
上司は信頼できる I can trust my boss
Entered by: conejo
上关久美子 Kumiko Kamiseki
上意下達 Top-down communication
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