The KudoZ open glossary is a browsable glossary of terms translated via the KudoZ term help network.

Japanese to English IT (Information Technology) Translation Glossary

Japanese term English translation
%1佚連延厚 %1 Information Change
(情報の)空読み void read
...が対応づけられている。 is mapped to/is associated with
0は無効とし、1とする 0 is invalid, set to 1
Entered by: conejo
4th ROMでの御社現地ストリームによる... program stream
5件の入力履歴 5 entries
6層貫通基板 6-layer through-hole PCB
Entered by: conejo
加入 To become a member
基幹業務基盤 core (corporate) infrastructure / business critical infrastructure
Entered by: Harry Oikawa
なんちゃって認証 unofficial authentication
Entered by: conejo
まったり sluggishly, languidly
が主であり Main
あり With
かなり打率の高いエラー errors that occur with considerable frequency
Entered by: conejo
占有面積が少ない doesn't take up much space
Entered by: conejo
収容対地数 number of concurrent tunnels
口だけなのは that's just talking, it's just gas, it's not true
右埋めする pad with trailing single-byte spaces
Entered by: conejo
右側の世界 The right side of the model, graphic or chart
Entered by: Facundo Pallero
同期生成ノード time synchronization node
Entered by: cinefil
外部公開サーバ external public server
実体化可能な feasible to implement
寿命短縮を指摘 suggests a shortened life span
小区分;中区分;大区分 of smaller size; of medium size; of larger size
属人化 individual/singular efforts
左0埋め pad with leading zeros
Entered by: conejo
上始点 vertical starting point, top starting point
帳票サーバー Documentation Server
予実 (yojitsu) budgeted/planned and actual
代表アドレス representative address
Entered by: Anita Kobayashi
他格納場所 storage location for xml and other files
会計性・非会計性 of an accounting nature / of a non-accounting nature
作業集計 Task Summary
併示 =併せて示す present/introduce/give/provide (the new plan) along with/in addition to the exisiting plan
Entered by: seika
御中メールアドレス Recipient’s Email Address
後発不良 defect management block
Entered by: conejo
従来なかった previously unavailable
地デジ digital terrestrial television/digital terrestrial broadcasting
Entered by: cinefil
地気出力 no-voltage (contact) output
ページ式 paged
Entered by: conejo
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